Why I use cannulas for injecting fillers

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-29      Origin: Site

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Today we are going to introduce why I use cannulas for injecting fillers.

The main reason is that the needle of the cannula is blunt, and blunt needles have many advantages over sharp needles.

The first advantage, blunt needles are not easy to cut blood vessels, so they can reduce bleeding and bruising.

The second advantage is to reduce the occurrence of risks such as intravascular injection. Using a blunt needle can feel the depth and find the correct injection location. The sharp needle penetrates directly through everything and may reach the wrong injection depth. For example, if the filler is injected with a sharp needle into an artery that connects to the eye, blindness is likely. The blunt needle greatly reduces the probability of danger.

Why I use cannulas for injecting fillers

The third advantage is, A puncture point can cover more area. A blunt needle with elasticity can enter from one injection point and reach more areas along the skin to reduce postoperative swelling. However, sharp needles require multiple injections and are more likely to cause discomfort and swelling.

The fourth advantage is the faster recovery time for clients. Reduced bruising and redness,so this can allow clients to recover faster.

Why I use cannulas for injecting fillers

Since cannulas have such advantages, what should we pay attention to when choosing cannulas?

Of course Gauge. The larger the gauge, the thinner the needle tube. We need to choose the appropriate cannulas according to the particle size of the hyaluronic acid and the injection site.

What we use regularly is CozySculpt ®, It has good toughness, and smooth needle tubes, which ensures comfortable treatment and better results. The feedback from many clients after treatment is also very good.

Why I use cannulas for injecting fillers