Research & Devolopment
20 Years experience
Our commitment to be confident is grounded in our 20-year heritage of leading with research and development. We highlight this commitment by constantly bringing cutting-edge technologies, products and services to market that will help us reach our ambition to become the leading aesthetic company in the world.
Professional service
Dermax R&D organization is designed to drive efficiency and serve patients, dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners in the best possible way, by our deep scientific, clinical expertise and experience.
Strong consumer basis
Our strong consumer basis and deep science foundation support our ongoing efforts to educate customers about a wide range of conditions and treatments. We are a partner of choice for academi around the world. This gives us access to complementary perspectives and a wide range of expertise and emerging technologies.
Strong market presence
We maintain sustainable growth by focusing on premium solutions that are routinely used in procedures performed. We have a strong market presence in the facial treatment of wrinkles, as well as the correction of asymmetries, improving skin textures. We are developing additional offerings for liquid formulation of botulinum toxin type A, biostimulators.
Continuously supplement our pipeline
We are continuously assessing strategic opportunities to supplement our pipeline with truly differentiated external assets and innovation.
Shipping from Germany And Korea, Faster Receipt
We have warehouses in the United States and Germany, with next-day delivery without customs clearance pressure. Faster delivery.



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