How to use hyaluronic acid for better rhinoplasty?

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aqua secret demax ha

Today I will introduce how to use hyaluronic acid for better rhinoplasty.

A round, blunt nose is cute and makes our faces look very friendly. But it also destroys the refinement of our faces and beauty. Filled with Aqua Secret acid filler, your client can receive a delicate and beautiful upturned nose in a short time. Make a face more stereoscopic and delicate.

As a treatment, it is recommended to use:

Aqua Secret® intense 27G 1-2ml


The HINTENSY™ technology that  Aqua Secret® INTENSE used nests particles of different sizes(100-1000 microns) uniformly in a specific ratio and gaps between particles have been significantly eliminated. HINTENSY™  technology ensures that the possibility of displacement is reduced and strongly supports the treatment area to achieve the best shaping effect.


After injecting, the nose bridge stands up, and your client's face becomes more stereoscopic than before.

This is the feedback picture from our customers, so natural, right? 

What model are you using? Leave a message in the comment area

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

aqua dermal ha filler supply online

Why I use cannulas for injecting fillers?

Reduce bleeding and bruising

Reduce the occurrence of risks such as intravascular injection

A puncture point can cover more area

The faster recovery time for clients