private part medical treatment

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The content focuses on leaders, experts and scholars in the medical cosmetology industry, conducts in-depth analysis around the entrepreneurial trajectory, business operation, academic insights, trend analysis, etc. of the characters, shows the demeanor of the medical cosmetology industry, as well as innovative ideas and trends, provides directions and ideas for the majority of medical cosmetology institutions and practitioners to learn from, and inserts wings for the high-quality development of the medical cosmetology industry.

Recently, the column group invited Liu Yong, vice president of Tim Run Medical, to have an in-depth dialogue, the following is an excerpt from the dialogue (deleted):

Host: We all know that privacy has great prospects, and Tim Run Medical has entered this industry relatively early, how do you see the current situation of China's private medical development? Will intimate medical become the golden track of medical beauty?

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Liu Yong: I think the future prospects of intimate medical care are very good, through so many years of practice, we have found that married and pregnant women have a very large demand in this regard, there are many women in China, and the market is very broad. The development of intimate medical care is still in the brand formation period, and the market is still in the cultivation period. As for whether it can become a golden track, I think it will take three or five years later, which is related to the awakening of consumers' hearts, but also related to market cognition, it can be said that the future market proportion will be higher and higher, privacy is a relatively sunny segment.

Host: Many people think that the private market is very hot, but when they do it, they find that there will be many difficulties, difficult to operate, difficult to obtain customers, difficult to make profits, what is the difference between private medical treatment and traditional medical beauty projects?

Liu Yong: Traditional medical beauty is more about beauty economy, that is, making people beautiful, private medical treatment is more biased towards a functional change, not for good looks, but in order to better reflect the function, including appearance, sensitivity are functional, so in this regard, it is essentially different from traditional medical beauty.

When we first founded Tianrun, we also encountered many problems, there was no complete system to learn, unlike plastic surgery or dermatology, which has a very clear product and a clear medical logic. At that time, the intimate doctors and items were incomplete, and they needed to explore step by step. Intimate medicine involves functional medicine, need to have interdisciplinary knowledge precipitation, our intimate doctors, 80% are obstetricians and gynecologists transformed, so they have the theoretical knowledge of obstetrics and gynecology, plus plastic surgery refinement, aesthetics and painless management, and then combined with urology, proctology, so it is an interdisciplinary knowledge integration, and then by plastic surgery to present a multidisciplinary integrated department.

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Host: In a segment that the market is not optimistic about, what is the original intention of Tim Run Medical to continue to cultivate?

Liu Yong: In fact, because of the founder's experience, he did not pay attention to women's health before, resulting in many physical problems, and it was because of this painful experience that they found that this group of women did not seem to have too many people to pay attention to and specifically solve these problems, so they came up with the idea of focusing on studying intimate health, and then began to do Tim Run Medical.

Moderator: What are the advantages of Tim Run Medical compared with the traditional model of large comprehensive institutions?

Liu Yong: The first is concentration, power comes from the hole, the power is used on a hole, it can take root and germinate. The second is that we pay great attention to "medical beauty to medicine", first of all, it is medical treatment, we respect medical treatment, so when we founded Tim Run Medical, we did a lot of market research and a large number of social surveys, as well as social and medical learning, but also refer to Japan, South Korea, collect data and get up for secondary research and development, the private medical segmentation, specialization, at the same time we also proposed Tim Run IP, called private light medical beauty combined with regenerative medicine, this "light" is not the same as the usual "light", our "light" It means more comfortable surgery, less trauma, faster recovery, whether it is a complex narrowing procedure or a simple injection method, we make the customer feel very good, through the deep cultivation in this field to produce differentiated differentiation.

Host: I know that Tim Run has carried out a lot of clinical research work, as well as some research and development involving upstream products and devices, what breakthroughs has Tim Run made in product research and development? What patented technologies do you have?

Liu Yong: We have invested a lot in medical treatment, we have our own supply chain company, we have also established the Tian Run Medical Technology Research Institute, established the Tian Run Doctor Group, and achieved some results. At present, there are 27 patents related to privacy, and we have patented theories and patented applications, which really put this research on users and use them on patients. In fact, this is also forced, because the private field is relatively small, and few manufacturers go to research and development, so we are forced to do research and development ourselves, produce medical devices ourselves, and develop products ourselves.

At present, 27 patents, 6 patented medical devices, and 3 customized intimate devices constitute the technical barriers of Tianrun.

We hope that our investment in this area will really benefit our customers, and this year we launched JCI International Certification, and we hope to be the first medical system certification in the private field to be recognized worldwide. Doing academic research is to serve patients, not just for the academic hanging on the wall, which is the meaning of our continuous academic research.