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Application: Men's Health Material: Hyaluronic acid Duration: 12-18 months Quality certification: ISO CE CFDA Application: penis injection Product specifications: 10ml/20ml Certificate: CE ISO
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Dermax‘s Hylamuscu is a kind of dermal ha filler, created for man care. Hylamuscu dermal filler is a kind of hyaluronic acid filler for male secret part augmentation. With advances in dermal filler technology, we are seeing breakthroughs in non-surgical enhancement. Hylamuscu is CFDA-approved products to enhance the cheeks and lips, but inject them into the shaft and glans (head) of the penis to significantly increase penis girth and moderately increase penis length.

dermal filler for man

Hylamuscu formulas are completely safe and made of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid found everywhere in the body. Hylamuscu is used for penis injection with a long lasting result of 12-18 months.

High Tech of Dermax Dermal Filler 

Hylatwine™ technology

Hylatwine™ technology enables Hylamuscu to fully self-cross linked, and form a stable structure physically, which greatly reduce the usage of cross-linker.

Fine Cleaning™ technology

Fine Cleaning™ technology further removes extra cross-linker remaining.

Hylatwine™ technology and Fine Cleaning™ technology ensures Hylamuscu to be a safe filler. It highly reduces redness and allergies, and at the same time, makes repeated injections safe.

Hintensy™ Technology

Hylamuscu uses a manufacturing process called Hintensy™ technology. Hintensy™ technology nests particles of different sizes (100-1000 microns) uniformly in a specific ratio, so gaps between particles have been eliminated greatly. Hintensy™ technology gives Hintensy a special smooth-gel structure that holds up over time. Hintensy™ technology greatly reduces the possibility of displacement, which can strongly support the treatment area, and achieve the best shaping effect.

hyaluronic filler for man

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Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for ensuring products from Dermax are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Since almost 20 years Dermax has been innovating the world with aesthetic andmedical treatment solutions. Dermax develops and manufactures a diverse range of leading applications for facial countouring, skin revitalization, wrinkle reduction, body contouring, and more. Our innovative products are used worldwide by practitioners, physicians, and aesthetic business owners to help enhance their offerings while providing the satisfactory treatments to patients.

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