Minimally Invasive Medical Beauty Product Devolux

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Devolux is used by doctors appointed by the medical cosmetic department of beauty hospitals to increase the volume of sunken areas of the face and body, especially for correcting sunken skin.

It is worth noting that Devolux® is currently the only regenerative product approved for buttock and thigh filler in the world. The main ingredient of Devolux® is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which has the ability to stimulate collagen regeneration, and the filling effect lasts for 18-24 months. 

The product obtained the EU CE certification in 2020, and has been approved for marketing in 32 countries and regions around the world so far. It continues to help Huadong Medicine’s overseas medical beauty revenue grow rapidly, and has accumulated a wide range of clinical use cases and safety data. Dermax has 36 high-end products in the field of "non-invasive + minimally invasive" medical aesthetics worldwide, of which 22 products have been launched at home and abroad, and 14 global innovative products are under development. 

plla plus fillerWhere to use PLLA filler Devolux

The product portfolio covers facial filling, facial cleansing, thread embedding, Skin management, body shaping, hair removal, private restoration and other non-surgical mainstream medical beauty fields, the number of products and coverage areas are in the forefront of the industry. In the future, the company's medical beauty business will continue to adhere to the development strategy of "globalized operation layout, dual-cycle business development" and the business philosophy of "focusing on beauty seekers, serving the majority of beauty seekers with professionalism and rigor as a medical professional", to provide a personalized and differentiated medical aesthetic product portfolio, and is committed to building Dermax into a world-class high-end innovative medical aesthetic enterprise.


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