Facial Fillers for over 65

Product Name:Poly I Lactic Acid filler and Semi Permanent plla filler Feature:Antiaging Antiwrinkle Long-Lasting:3 Years / 2 Years Usage:Body; Buttocks/Butt; Face; Neck; Breast; Eye; Lips material:poly-l-lactic acid and dermal filler
  • Devolux and Devolux Plus

Facial Fillers for over 65 - Dermax Recommedation

Devolux Plus- Semi Permanent Plla Filler

For people over 65, you need extre collegen and plla facial filler to stimulate your collegen generation. Devolux Plus is an advanced version of Devolux that Dermax innovates. Better for people over 65.

Dermax's Devolux Plus works to replace and reinforce the skin's basic collagen structure, restoring facial contour, smoothing out shallow to deep wrinkles, and the natural looking results can last up to 3 years. Devolux Plus is the first semi-permanent filler made up of PLLA and hyaluronic acid designed with Grancross Technology.

During the period after injecting Devolux plus, Hyaluronic acid( HA) as naturally occurring substance delivers volume to the skin. Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) works deep within the skin to help stimulate the skin' s own natural collagen production.

plla plus fillerplla plus order

plla filler buttock injections

plla filler buttock injections

plla filler buttock injections

plla filler buttock injections

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