Do You Need a PDO Thread Lift?

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Thread lifts can be performed under local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, which means that thread lift patients can go home to take care of themselves immediately after the procedure. While some patients experience mild pain, redness and swelling after thread insertion and want to rest for the day, most are able to return to work immediately. Strong pain relievers are rarely needed after thread embedding, making it easier for patients to return to normal life. Therefore, this program is ideal for people with children at home or busy and demanding people at work. It's important to understand that while no lifting technique can produce permanent results, cosmetic procedures often produce longer-lasting results than thread lifts. The results of cosmetic surgery can last up to ten years, while thread lifts usually last one to three years. However, because the risk of a thread lift is low, patients who are satisfied with the results of the skin lift can often opt for a new set of temporary sutures after the old sutures have been absorbed by the body. The PDO thread lift has proved to be an excellent alternative to facelift surgery. Moreover, it provides instant results with minimal downtime. Make sure to consult an advanced aesthetic practitioner to get more information and ensure the treatment is done properly without any complications. Thread lifts can help collagen grow which helps support “growth factors” that greatly influence the condition of our skin. In addition to being used to heal wounds, collagen also helps keep our skin strong, voluminous and supple. As we age, our bodies gradually produce less and less collagen, leading to a reduction in skin thickness by 80% by around the age of 70. This loss of volume and firmness is a big factor in creating excess skin and wrinkles. As the skin weakens, it can no longer adequately support the underlying tissues, meaning gravity pulls it down and stretches it. Infusing facial skin with fresh collagen when signs of skin sagging are still minimal can help both reduce looseness (by thickening and hydrating the skin) and prevent it from getting worse (by strengthening the skin).

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This non-surgical treatment is suitable for you if you are hoping to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and the signs of ageing. If you want an immediate facelift without going through the process of surgery and a long downtime, then the PDO thread lift treatment is ideal for you.

What to Expect from the Treatment? Unlike facelift surgery, you will see immediate results after this treatment. The threads give better support to lift your skin to its right position. You will notice your skin looking tighter, but it will adjust within a week to give you a natural and refreshing look.

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Depending on the thread used and the main goal, your skin will become smoother and firmer. The results of this treatment last for three to six months. However, you will still enjoy the results for a longer duration as the threads also promote collagen production.

If you are looking for PDO thread treatment no matter where you are, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can learn more about the procedure and get all your queries answered during the consultation.


What is Gold protein thread?

Gold Protein thread is a combination of gold serum and of gold protein thread. It dilutes the fine lines of the skin, and makes the skin elastic and smooth. Gold protein set makes your skin absorb polymer PPDO absorbable protein threads, which can dissolve and promote collagen regeneration, so as to achieve facial lifting, contour shaping, smoothing wrinkles, and firming elasticity.  Kosence gold protein thread uses the perfect fusion of top high-tech anti-aging patented ingredients and nano-gold to promote the division and proliferation of fibroblasts, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin, rebuild the dermal fiber frame, effectively dilute wrinkles and sculpt Facial contour, improve skin texture, return to youthful state. The six core ingredients of Kosence gold protein .: bird's nest, nano-collagen thread, hexapeptide, nano-pure gold, yellow sunflower extract, neem, each of which has a very important role in restoring youthful skin. The gold added in the gold liquid and the gold protein thread in the Kosence gold protein . are nano-grade pure gold. The gold treated with nanotechnology can penetrate deep into the skin with just a gentle massage, and the absorption rate is super high. Kosence gold protein is to anti-wrinkle. It uses PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology to replicate collagen, repair broken fibers, fill skin depressions, and reshape youthful appearance. It can plump up the apple muscle, lift the jaw line, remove the yellow gas on the face, dilute the nasolabial folds, remove the wrinkles around the eyes, and dilute the wrinkles on the forehead.