pdo thread lift jawline before and after

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Feedback about pain reduction:

One is to apply ice before injection to reduce pain sensitivity; The second is to inject a pichu when injecting anesthetics to increase the adaptability of the skin; The third is to improve the accuracy of injection anesthetics, more will lead to edema, less will have pain.

You should not scratch as this can affect the stitche.

After the treatment is completed, there will be a feeling of being pulled when making exaggerated expressions or laughing, which are normal phenomena, do not have to be deliberately kneaded, and generally will slowly disappear and become natural in about two weeks. During this period, beauty seekers should not deliberately rub the thread carving parts for one to two weeks, and do not deliberately make exaggerated expressions. Bruising after line carving is also a common condition, because the needle may penetrate the blood vessel and cause slight internal bleeding, and ice or oral Yunnan Baiyao capsules are applied in time after surgery and after returning home, and after three days, hot compresses can accelerate the resolution of bruising.

pdo thread lift jawline before and after

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