Will high fever dissolve my hyaluronic acid?

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"I started with two hyaluronic acid injections with tears in my teeth, and Omicron burned them away." Recently, consumers who had previously njected hyaluronic acid suddenly found that their smooth and full face had been "beaten back to its original shape" after being infected with a new omicron fever, causing heated discussions in the market. In response to this phenomenon, many experts said that under normal circumstances, the continuous high fever after the new crown infection will cause the local temperature of the human body to rise, which will accelerate the absorption and metabolism of hyaluronic acid to a certain extent. This may affect recent consumer behavior and hyaluronic acid sales, but in the medium and long term, the demand for hyaluronic acid supplementation may also increase after the peak of new crown infection. Persistent high fever or accelerated hyaluronic acid absorption.

The reporter understands that hyaluronic acid in the medical beauty industry belongs to injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler, which is a disaccharide unit glycosaminoglycan composed of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine, its immunogenicity is extremely low, and the artificial injection of hyaluronic acid fills the subcutaneous tissue with good biocompatibility, usually does not cause inflammation and allergic reactions in surrounding tissues, which makes it the preferred material for biofilling. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is very common in facial rejuvenation aesthetic medicine, and it is also one of the most popular medical beauty products.

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In view of the "disappearance" of hyaluronic acid after fever, the reporter consulted the director of the China Plastic and Cosmetic Association. She said that from a clinical point of view, filled hyaluronic acid or other materials, itself is an absorbable material, but due to individual differences, the absorption metabolism is also different, generally 8-12 months can be completely absorbed and metabolized. When the temperature of the tissue rises, it may accelerate the process of metabolic absorption. "Theoretically, high temperature has the possibility of accelerating hyaluronic acid metabolism. If the human body continues to have a high fever, it will accelerate the metabolism and absorption of hyaluronic acid to a certain extent. ”

Pang Dongsheng, general manager of Shenzhen Damei Xinrui Medical Cosmetology, also agreed with this, telling the CaiLian News Agency reporter that if it is hyaluronic acid played by a formal institution, if the human body continues to have a high fever, it is also a certain probability of being accelerated by absorption. "Strictly speaking, it is not burned out, but accelerated metabolism."

"If consumers choose an informal institution, they may be beaten by people who do not have the qualification to play some products that are not real 'hyaluronic acid', then even if they do not have a fever, they may lose quickly." CaiLian News Agency reporter said: During the epidemic, everyone's rest and diet are often affected, and the consumption of their own collagen brought by the disease may be more, although the increase in body temperature will accelerate the body's metabolism, but the performance of hyaluronic acid under the skin is not directly judged by the naked eye. 

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After hyaluronic acid enters the subcutaneous tissue as a filler, its metabolism is related to the cross-linking links between hyaluronic acid molecules, and there is usually a metabolic period of more than half a year. The metabolic rate of hyaluronic acid varies from brand to brand, process to process, and part to part, and the retention time of the first injection and multiple cumulative injections will also be different. The filled hyaluronic acid depends on the specific product characteristics, such as biphasic hyaluronic acid or monophasic hyaluronic acid, the metabolic time of the two is also different, and doctors will also use it for different parts when injecting. In biphasic hyaluronic acid, there are more free hyaluronic acid single molecules, which will first be metabolized and absorbed by the body, the hardness is relatively natural and soft, suitable for filling apple muscle, nasal base and other parts, and the probability of accelerating metabolism under high fever will be a little greater. There is also a type of single-phase hyaluronic acid, which is mainly used for shaping, hardness will be higher, hyaluronic acid cross-linking is higher and closer, and it is generally not easily absorbed by metabolism in a short time. Some people believe that with the phenomenon that continuous high fever may accelerate the absorption of hyaluronic acid, the topic of "delayed injection" has begun to ferment, which may have an impact on the company's recent sales. 

Subsequently, as the epidemic gradually subsides, people with medical beauty plans do not have to worry too much, and can fully communicate with doctors to choose more stable and long-term products. At present, there are more injection materials on the market, and it is not comprehensive to judge a product from the perspective of metabolic time, or it is necessary to analyze it according to the specific situation, and I believe that doctors specializing in medical beauty institutions can give a better plan.