Why displaced or bruised after filling tear troughs

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Today I will introduce why displaced and bruised after filling tear troughs.

The first reason is choosing the wrong hyaluronic acid。Choosing particle sizes that are too large may cause long-term bruising and swelling under the eyes. You can use Aqua Secret light, which can effectively relieve the client’s pain and improve satisfaction. The recommended injection dose is 0.2-0.5ml per side, and the total injection volume is 0.4-1ml.

The second reason is that the depth of injection is too shallow. It is recommended that the tear trough filler be injected into the deep layer and periosteum. If it is only injected in the superficial layer, it is prone to slight bruising; if it is injected close to the periosteum, it is more natural and less likely to have bruising, but the location of the injection should still be determined according to client‘s situation.

Why displaced or bruised after filling tear troughs 1

The above two reasons are the causes of displacement, and the following is the cause of bruising.

It is the use of sharp needles. Compared to using a sharp needle,the blunt needle can reduce bleeding and bruising. It is recommended to use a 25-27G blunt needle when injecting. After the needle is inserted, draw back slightly to confirm that there is no blood return, and inject a single point or a short line into the slight bulge of the skin, taking care to avoid visible veins.

please pay attention:

Keep a distance of 2-4mm between the innermost part of the injection area and the dorsum of the nose, so as not to increase the width of the dorsum of the nose and affect the three-dimensionality of the face.

Of course,the injection point and dose can be adjusted according to the actual condition of the client.

Why displaced or bruised after filling tear troughs 2