Why is hyaluronic acid in forehead too full

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After the injection of hyaluronic acid, if the forehead is too full, it may be caused by too concentrated injection of hyaluronic acid, or local edema, which will recover after a period of time. If it does not recover for a long time, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Generally, there will be slight swelling after injection of hyaluronic acid, and this phenomenon will disappear quickly. With proper post-operative care, recovery can be accelerated. Do not press on the injection site after hyaluronic acid injection, and be sure to avoid places that are extremely hot or cold. Avoid taking aspirin or other similar medicines. For a period of time after the injection, do not squeeze the injection site vigorously, sleep on your stomach, wear glasses, put on makeup, wash your face, and remove makeup gently.  

Introduce the precautions after hyaluronic acid filling: 

1. you should avoid forward head tilt and exercise after hyaluronic acid injection, which will easily cause hyaluronic acid to flow out, and after hyaluronic acid injection, do not apply ice or heat to the injection site.

2. The beauty seeker should not deliberately touch the face, or stingy and slap and knead, and should not perform excessive actions within a week of injection. 

3. A few days after the injection of hyaluronic acid, the beauty seeker should try not to wash his face, do not make up, and avoid touching the injection site, which will affect the postoperative effect. 

4. Pay attention to the hygiene of the wound after surgery to avoid infection or inflammation caused by improper wound treatment.

Hyaluronic acid wrinkle removal has been recognized by people. The biggest reason for hyaluronic acid wrinkle removal is " Moisturizing", many high-end cosmetics contain a certain amount of hyaluronic acid, which is one of the best choices for your wrinkle removal. In the plastic and cosmetic market in Europe, America and even the whole world, hyaluronic acid is second only to Botulinum Toxin for wrinkle removal, and it ranks first in filling consultation items. Hyaluronic acid is present in large amounts in various parts of our body and is also part of the dermis of our skin. The amount of hyaluronic acid and metabolism together dominate the maturation-aging process of our skin, and hyaluronic acid plays a great role in improving the skin's nutrient absorption capacity, smoothing the skin, removing wrinkles, and delaying aging.

Moreover, hyaluronic acid itself is a multifunctional matrix, which can also be used to remove static wrinkles (such as nasolabial folds, corner lines, etc.), embellish the face (such as lip augmentation, nose augmentation, chin augmentation, etc.) and fill facial depressions (such as temples, cheeks, tear troughs, etc.).