Where to buy cog thread online?

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magik thread

What are cog threads? COG threads are with barbs to hook to the underside of the skin. These barbs are purposed as anchoring points, to support structure and lift sagging tissues. Buy high quality Pdo thread online, welcome to Dermax.

COG threads are used to lift the face, forehead, chin and eyebrows, to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce visible wrinkles. Although these threads are usually used to rejuvenate the face, they are sometimes also used to correct the abdomen and neck area.

Cog thread is an excellent non-invasive cosmetic technique to tighten and lift your sagging skin tissue in a few months. The procedure is safe and effective. Usually, the results of thread lift start appearing immediately after an operation. The PDO thread starts absorbing after one month, and results can last 8-12 months.

Where to buy cog threads online?

Dermax is a Chinese Supplier, with almost 20-year experience in medbeauty industry. Dermax is a pdo thread manufacturer, if you need low price and high quality pdo thread online, please buy high quality pdo thread at Dermax. 

Dermax’s Magik PDO Threads are different types of Pdo thread like Mono, Screw and COG types.

Magik PDO Thread offers the strongest threads on the market with its innovative patented technology where the barbs are compression molded and configured in a 360 degree spiral pattern. Magik PDO Thread Technology allows for immediate yet profound results while minimizing pain and trauma - allowing patients to benefit from a shorter recovery time and providing an alternative for those who may not be ready for surgery or a non-surgical one want option. Magik PDO threads are quickly becoming a popular minimally invasive alternative to surgical facelifts due to the emergence of the Cat Eye, V-Line and Snatched Jawline trends.