What should be noticed after hyaluronic acid fills tear trough

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aqua secreta

After filling the tear groove with hyaluronic acid injection, you need local cold compresses. During the injection process, blood vessels are constricted, and it is not easy to have bruising. Cold compresses after injection can reduce the discomfort after injection, and can also make local swelling subside faster. Do not do massage too early. If there are small indurations in the local area, you can do proper massage after consulting the doctor. If there is no bruising after the injection, it can recover naturally. The thinnest tissue on the face is around the eye socket. For tear trough filling, a small molecular weight hyaluronic acid should be selected, which is a little deeper, but not under the epidermis. The skin is very thin, and nodules are prone to appear in the skin, and the patient will feel that the appearance is not good. It can be filled a little deeper, because hyaluronic acid has water absorption, and it will make the eye bags look larger after absorbing a lot of water, so you must master the strength in the process of injection volume.

Hyaluronic acid filling the tear trough is simple and easy to implement and has an immediate effect. It is sought after by the majority of beauty lovers. However, hyaluronic acid injection into the tear trough is not absolutely safe, and there are certain risks. Its risks are mainly reflected in two aspects: 1. Drugs, there are many kinds of hyaluronic acid on the market at present, beauty seekers are very easy to be dazzled when choosing, so it is recommended to go to a regular tertiary hospital for injection. 2. Injection technique, hyaluronic acid filling is the most likely to occur, and the most serious complication is vascular embolism. Injecting hyaluronic acid into the blood vessels will block the local blood vessels and cause the skin at the oxygen supply site of the blood vessels to necrosis. In severe cases, if the injection is injected into the ophthalmic artery Therefore, when looking for a hyaluronic acid injection doctor, you must find a skilled doctor who has a good understanding of facial anatomy. It is recommended to find a senior attending or deputy chief physician. To sum up, hyaluronic acid injection is not absolutely safe, but as long as you choose a regular tertiary hospital and a doctor with good skills, the probability of these two complications will be reduced to a very low level.

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