Why do we choose Aqua Secret Deep?

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(1)Strict clinical test - guarantee for safety


Aqua Secret Deep is also tested in two famous hospitals-Peking Union Hospital and Peking Anzhen Hospital. Both of them are Grade III Class A hospitals, famous as scientific research and its medical strength.


By clinical test, compared with other products, the swelling rate of Aqua Secret is low. There are no serious complications or adverse reactions in the clinical process, so this product is quite safe.

Why do we choose Aqua Secret Deep

(2) Raw material of the highest degree

The raw materials come from the largest domestic manufacturer of hyaluronic acid raw materials. As very few one with CE ISO and CFDA approval in China, all of our implantable grade raw materials are produced, designed and tested in accordance with strict requirements.

Why do we choose Aqua Secret Deep (2)

(3)BDDE - the safest cross linker


Non cross-linked hyaluronic acid is not shaped, so it can only be used to moisturize the skin and can not repair the injured skin. It will be metabolized very fast by human body, generally speaking, within 1-2 weeks. So effect can't last long.


Aqua Secret hyaluronic acid filler injection is all cross-linking processed with BDDE, which is internationally recognized as the SAFEST cross-linker. 

Why do we choose Aqua Secret Deep (3)

The structure of cross-linked hyaluronic acid is like a ladder with a compact structure. It will be stronger of the shaping ability and be longer of the lasting effect.


Our products use the latest technology to make customers safer and more natural. We will provide you with high-quality products.

Why do we choose Aqua Secret Deep (4)