What is the feeling of full face injection hyaluronic acid

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aqua secreta

Do you think that this face must look very fake! In fact, the effect of hyaluronic acid injection is directly related to the doctor's technical aesthetics

The technological innovation of hyaluronic acid injection therapy can be divided into three stages:

1, local depression treatment stagelips

Many people choose hyaluronic acid for local filling to improve facial depression or volume deficit problems, such as apple flatness, nasolabial depression, and short jaw equality. At this stage, the filling technique is single and the injection level is single, resulting in a larger injection dose, which is prone to a feeling of meat or swelling. The overfilled faces that you see circulating on the Internet are basically photos from many years ago.

2, full filling treatment

For full filling treatment, we are more familiar with fat filling, in fact, hyaluronic acid can also be fully filled. What is the difference between. The biggest difference is that fat filling needs to be completed at one time, while hyaluronic acid can be filled in small quantities and multiple times, compared to hyaluronic acid, which has a more accurate grasp of the amount. Many cases of swelling in the whole area may be caused by excessive fat filling. Through local filling, people began to realize that the filling shaping effect is so obvious that it should be able to solve a more comprehensive facial contour problem synchronously, and full-scale filling hyaluronic acid has become popular, but the single filling technology still cannot meet people's demands for natural beauty.

aqua secret ha

3, comprehensive filling technology innovation

In order to avoid the swelling problem caused by excessive hyaluronic acid filling, foreign plastic surgeons began to study more refined injection methods, that is, the layered filling injection method and ligament support injection method that are now commonly begun to be operated. Layered filler injections can design different treatment plans according to different symptom types, effectively avoiding the swollen face caused by shallow injection levels; The ligament support injection method combines the core technology of skinlift surgery to improve the problem of facial skin sagging by reducing the support of ligaments.

With the blessing of a new generation of filling technology, everyone's need for silent beauty can be fully met. For plastic surgeons, technology and aesthetics are equally important. Whether it is a good aesthetic matching poor technology, or a good technology matching poor aesthetic, it cannot achieve the purpose of natural beauty.

The core concept of the latest hyaluronic acid injection technology is to use the idea of enhancing bone support and improving bone beauty to fine-tune the overall contour of the face, and to combine deep simulated bone + shallow filling modification, which can completely avoid the masquerade after filling.