What can a PDO thread do for you?

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What can a PDO thread do for you (1)

Increased skin laxity or loose skin is one of the most obvious signs of aging. For patients who prefer to avoid facelift surgery and have not seen a positive effect from skin tightening devices, thread lifts can be an effective alternative.

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Absorbable PDO thread lifts allow us to physically lift the dermis and reposition fat pads without surgery to achieve more lift and contour and decrease the appearance of sagging skin.

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Magik Thread employs temporary barbed threads made of surgical suture material to subtly lift surrounding tissue on the face and body. Once anchored, the threads can remodel the fat pads of the mid-face and can lift the dermis giving the face and body a more youthful appearance.

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These threads are absorbable by the body and after 4-6 weeks of placement, degradation of the thread is initiated by the body’s immune response and as a byproduct, new collagen forms.

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Patients that choose to undergo a Magic thread thread lift will see an immediate improvement of sagging skin in the face and neck, however it takes about 4 weeks to appreciate maximum efficacy as swelling may occur post treatment.

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Over time, the skin will gradually look firmer, plumper, and younger over time due to the collagen regeneration. To maintain the best results this procedure may be repeated in 6-12 months.

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