What are the Cautions for hyaluronic acid injection?

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-27      Origin: Site

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With age, when the rate of hyaluronic acid loss in the dermis layer > the rate of synthesis, the facial skin gradually becomes less moisture, loses its luster and elasticity, and appears symptoms such as lines and sagging. Supplementing the skin with hyaluronic acid in the form of superficial injection can improve symptoms such as skin dehydration and early aging.

A different parts of the choice of hyaluronic acid for the parts that need support: such as the nose, chin, the hyaluronic acid used for injection is generally medium or macromolecular hyaluronic acid, high hardness, and corresponding cohesion to prevent spread. For relatively small and soft parts, such as lips, it is generally small molecule hyaluronic acid, which is relatively soft and has low cohesion, so that the shape can feel natural. Second, fill hyaluronic acid to pay attention to safety

1 Hyaluronic acid filling seems to be entry-level light medical beauty, but it requires the operator to be a professional doctor, with many years of experience and rich skin science knowledge, not any beautician is qualified to operate, safety is a very important issue. 

2 Pre-injection communication. In order to achieve the desired effect by injecting hyaluronic acid, both parties need to communicate with each other. 

3 Develop a plan. The injection hyaluronic acid produced by different cross-linking technologies is also suitable for completely different injection sites, and different parts are suitable for different products. Three: Filling hyaluronic acid should pay attention to the care of spicy, hair and other irritating foods within one week after injection, avoid strenuous exercise, away from heat sources. Remember to knead and press the filling site one month after injection to avoid hyaluronic acid displacement.