What are the micro-plastic surgeries for facial sagging

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What nonsurgical aesthetic medicines you can try or buy for your own non-surgical facelift treatments at home or your liquid fac

Facial sagging micro-plastic surgery is a common facial contour change, with the passage of time and the passage of time, life on the earth is susceptible to the influence of earth gravity, facial tissues, soft tissues continue to be affected by gravity, is bound to have downward sagging, downward downward trend.

Due to the increase in age, the loss of human bone mass, the strength of the facial support ligament structure decreases, and the skin has been blown by wind and sun for a long time, the sun and the moon blow, and the skin elasticity has lost its original tight effect. Combined with the above factors, it will cause the facial tissue to move downward on the basis of the original position. Therefore, the contrast photo is to cause the soft tissue of the face to sagging, that is, the face sagging.

Micro-plastic surgery methods for facial sagging mainly include the following:Botulax and Meditoxin,which is better for face-lifting  

1. Topical injection. Injection micro-plastic surgery is currently a more common type, commonly used injections include hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc., such substances have good biological activity, after injection basically does not cause rejection, and can be absorbed by the body's own metabolism, fast recovery but short maintenance time. Including injection of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin to achieve facial morphology reshaping and protein line enhancement. After the micro-plastic surgery, the facial sensation will change, the face will be more plump and plump, the facial skin and expression muscles will be readjusted, and the facial beauty will be improved, making the face more youthful. And micro-plastic surgery is safe, no wounds appear. Protein Thread Lifting, a method in which beauty threads are implanted inside the skin, stimulate the skin and subcutaneous fascia, and promote the regeneration of fibrous tissue, thereby improving skin firmness and making the skin look younger.

According to each different relaxation situation and sagging state, different treatment options can be selected for different characteristics of each person. For example, optoelectronic treatment can be used to improve the tightness of the skin, small doses of botulinum toxin injection can be used to improve muscle relaxation, and it can also be filled by hyaluronic acid injection.

In addition, other micro-surgeries can be performed to lift and fix other soft tissues of the face, and the best treatment plan can be selected according to the different characteristics of each person.

2, autologous fat grafting. Facial sagging may be caused by the loss of subcutaneous fat tissue, which can be extracted by autologous fat grafting and processed, and injected into the face to play a role in filling the face.

Thermaki. The method is to use the radio frequency current into thermal energy to act on the body's tissue cells, and the rapid vibration of water molecules in the cells can make the fine tissues shrink, which in turn plays a role in lifting the skin.