poor vision after slimming injections

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After the injection of the frontal crease, the effect of pulling the frontalis muscle upward may be weakened. In time, the injection position is higher and located in a safe area, which will inevitably cause the position of the eyebrows to move down. From the appearance, the upper eyelid is bloated, and the double eyelid is narrowed or even disappeared. If the amount of botulinum toxin is too much, it is close to the eyebrows, and the injection is too deep, and the liquid is injected into the loose connective tissue space on the periosteum, not in the abdomen of the frontalis muscle, the botulinum toxin will diffuse under the upper orbital rim and affect the lift. Eyelid muscle strength, ptosis occurs.The adverse diffusion of the drug to the position of the extraocular muscles may occur, such as ptosis or diplopia, but the probability of such a situation is relatively low, even if it occurs, because the adverse effects of botulinum toxin are not Permanent, it will heal on its own after a period of time.


Visual effects: It is common in the inward deviation of the injection point of the crow's feet, and the excessive dose penetrates into the extraocular muscles, thereby affecting the eye movement. Too many injections, too deep and penetration into the forehead lines and glabellar lines may also have a certain impact on the extraocular muscles. The extraocular muscles include four rectus muscles (superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, and lateral rectus) and two oblique muscles (superior oblique and inferior oblique), which are responsible for eye movement. The normal movement of the eyeball is coordinated by the above-mentioned six extraocular muscles. For example, when looking up, both the upper eyelid muscles and the superior oblique muscles must be contracted at the same time. Lateral view is the contraction of the lateral rectus on one side and the medial rectus on the other. When the eyes converge on the midline, the medial rectus muscles of both eyes must be contracted at the same time. If there is a problem with the injection, it may cause blurred vision, difficulty in focusing, ghosting, photophobia, tearing, and pupil dilation.

Other side effects of botox injection:

Difficulty in closing lips: The mentalis muscle is the only muscle in the lower lip area with upward contraction force. When the mouth is closed normally, the mentalis muscle is in a normal state of relaxation. When the mouth is closed or pursed, the mentalis muscle contracts, sometimes forming a gravel-like appearance, which is different from the insertion. Localized dermis of the mental muscle fibers over-contraction. In patients with severe chin retraction, the closed state is that the mental muscle is in a tense state, which further aggravates the appearance of the retraction. The mental muscle is slightly loosened, and the auxiliary hyaluronic acid injection can obtain a very good therapeutic effect. The symptoms of difficulty in closing the lips are mostly due to too much injection into the mental muscle, or it may be because the injection point is too high, causing the drug to penetrate into the orbicularis oris muscle area; Lateral, it will also affect the function of the lower lip muscle, which will cause the patient to have an obstacle to the movement of the lower lip. It is often manifested as laborious or even difficult closing of the lips, involuntary salivation, foreign body sensation in the lower gums, and difficulty in self-cleaning of food residues.