Rentox Online Supply

Supply Type: OEM Service Product name: Botulinum toxin type A Brand Name: Rentox Application: Anti wrinkle & Anti-aging Application areas: Body,Face Certificate: KFDA Form: Powder Volume: 100U/200U Appearance: Freeze-dried Grade: Injection Grade Place of Origin: Korea Package Type: Foam box packaging prevents bumps and contains ice cubes to ensure low-temperature storage of the product.
  • Meditoxin


Product Name: Rentox 100units 200units

Re N Tox 200 Units. (RENTOX) is an innovative premium type A preparation (botulinum toxin) developed by the South Korean company Pharma Research Bio. This drug has become very popular in clinics in South Korea and Japan.

Application of  Rentox 100

  1. correction of mimic wrinkles

  2. blepharospasm

  3. in the complex treatment of migraine

  4. treatment of hyperhidrosis (sweating)

  5. correction of neurological disorders

  6. correction of forehead, eyebrow, nose, eye wrinkles,

  7. correction of “kissetny wrinkles”, lowered corners of the mouth

Benefits of Rentox 100

• Safe procedure

• Effective result

• Without rehabilitation

• Has the lowest diffusion among all known botulinum toxins

• Nice price compared to other muscle relaxants

• The drug acts pointwise, only at the injection site, leaving the rest of the facial expressions natural,

• The quality of the product is carefully checked,

• Excellent tolerability of the drug by patients.

• It is not addictive, but it gives some cumulative effect.