PDO Threading for Neck Wrinkles

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botulinum toxinsupplier

PDO thread lift is known to everyone as a safe and effective process with many benefits, from rejuvenated skin to longer-lasting results. The PDO used in a PDO thread lift procedure is made of materials that are safe to be absorbed by our body. You must consult with an experienced and reputable dermatologist to see if a PDO thread lift is the right cosmetic procedure.

Neck pdo thread lifting is a technique that increases the sagging of the skin in the neck by burying threads into the neck. The main effect is to improve the sagging and neck shape of the neck, and it is the best way to create a sexy neck!

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads has been used in surgeries for decades. PDO thread is made of biodegradable polymer (categorized into synthetic polymers) that naturally reduces your aging effects. It is thinner than hair but is robust, non-allergenic, and will dissolve after 90 days when placed under your skin. However, they have a lasting effect.

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Magik Thread®

Magik Thread® is an absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) suture in a cannula or needle indicated for use in soft tissue approximation for a timeless rejuvenation. Magik Thread® has a series of smooth threads, including mono threads, crew threads and cog threads, and barbed threads which raw material is approved by FDA. There are the reasons why you should buy smooth threads, mono threads, crew threads, barbed threads from Magik Thread®.

PDO thread lifts have a lot of amazing benefits that one might think it is perfect for everyone who wants to look younger and more rejuvenated. While it is true in several instances, some individuals should not undergo PDO thread lift treatments.

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