NutriDerm Skin Booster Vs. Rejuran Skin Booster

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NutriDerm Skin Booster vs. Rejuran Skin Booster

In the world of skincare, the quest for flawless, radiant skin is a never-ending journey. With advancements in cosmetic dermatology, a myriad of skin boosters have emerged, promising to rejuvenate and revitalize our skin from within. Among the most popular are NutriDerm and Rejuran skin boosters. Let's dive into the ring and see how these two contenders measure up!

NutriDerm and Rejuran skin booster Overview

What is NutriDerm® skin booster?

NutriDerm® is a compound hyaluronic acid, Amino acid, Vitamin B2 and L-Carnosine based skin booster that has a triple action effect. NutriDerm® hydrates the skin, increases elasticity by stimulating collagen production,reduces fine linee, wrinkles for face and neck. NutriDerm is manufactured by a Chinese company — Dermax Medical. There are NutriDerm Hydrate and NutriDerm Hylite. While both formulations share the same ingredients, and NutriDerm Hydrate is for face,and Hylite is special for neck.

  • Hyaluronic acid, produced by Hitensity Technology to make the skin hydrated and flexible.

  • Amino acids - Proline, glycine, alanine, which assists the body's own fibroblasts to secrete a large amount of collagen.

  • Vitamin B2, assist NutriDerm® to form collagen fibers.

  • L-Carnosine, it has antioxidant effect, and protect reconstructed collagen fiber structure effectively.

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NutriDerm Skin Booster vs. Rejuran Skin Booster

NutriDerm Skin Booster

What is REJURAN skin booster?

REJURAN is a concentrated injectable polynucleotide (PN) extract from Wild Salmon DNA that is effective in skin rejuvenation. It helps restore skin health, improve skin elasticity, and repair skin damage caused by frequent UV exposure or various other chemicals, allowing skin tissue to heal and return to normal. Rejuran is manufactured by a South Korean company — Pharma Research Products. There are Rejuran S and Rejuran Healer. While both formulations share the same ingredients, the S variant has a high concentration of acids in its composition. While it is safe for most patients, if you have allergies to fish or seafood you should discuss Rejuran suitability for you.

The benefits of NutriDerm & Rejuran skin booster

NutriDerm treatment primarily focuses on enhancing skin elasticity, reducing skin roughness, minimizing fine lines, and diminishing skin imperfections. By infusing the skin with a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, NutriDerm deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin, improving its overall elasticity. NutriDerm's rich formula minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while NutriDerm Hyliteis especially effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the neck.

Rejuran’s mechanism focuses on stimulating collagen synthesis and promoting skin healing. The polynucleotides contribute to collagen development that provides skin improvement: hydration, elasticity, and a smooth complexion. It best for large pores and acne skin requiring repair.

The Application of NutriDerm Skin Booster

  • Wrinkles on the Face ,neck, fine lines around mouth, Perioral Lines,

  • Fines line on the neck,hands, décolletage, upper arms

  • Multiple micro-injections needed

  • 3 sessions, 2-4 weeks apart

  • Maintenance treatment: Recommended every 6 months

NutriDerm Skin Booster vs. Rejuran Skin Booster

The Application areas of REJURAN Skin Booster

  • wrinkles on the face, around the eyes and lips

  • Other areas besides the face that also need improved elasticity

  • Multiple micro-injections needed

  • 3 sessions, one month apart

  • Maintenance treatment: Recommended every 6-8 months

The Onset Results and Duration of Effects of NutriDerm Skin Booster vs. Rejuran

NutriDerm shows noticeable results after the treatment or first injection. However Rejuran works gradually, and noticeable improvements may become visible over several weeks to months. The collagen stimulation and skin healing process take time to manifest changes. If quick results are your priority, Opting for NutriDerm over Rejuran is the wiser decision.

These two treatments have temporary effects. Results after NutriDerm injection last for 6 months. Rejuran shows more lasting effects for 6–9 months.

The choice between NutriDerm and Rejuran, or other products depends on individual skincare goals and aeshthetic concerns,  there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional can guide individuals toward the most suitable treatment based on their unique needs. More information about skin boooster products, please contact us today.

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