Non-surgical Facial Pdo Thread

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PDO threads are a type of non-surgical facelift that helps lift sagging and loose skin, putting it back in place to create a tighter and firmer appearance. The threads are inserted through a tiny tube and can lift most parts of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, jowls, jaw, and neck.

Magik Thread1 (5)

Magik PDO Thread Lifts are a great way to rejuvenate and restore youthful contours to brows, cheeks, jowls and the neck area. Results from threads generally last between 12 months to several years depending on the area that has been treated, how many threads are used and what kinds of threads are used in each needle. 

PDO Thread Lifts are a simple, painless procedure used for skin tightening on the face, neck, or anywhere else on the body. As popular and effective as Botulinum Toxin is, it simply doesn't have the ability to lift the skin. In the past, there hasn't been a great way to produce lifting results without surgery.

Magik Thread® is an absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) suture in a cannula or needle indicated for use in soft tissue approximation for a timeless rejuvenation. Magik Thread® has a series of smooth threads, including mono threads, crew threads and cog threads, and barbed threads which raw material is approved by FDA. Magik Thread is Dermax high-quality pdo products. With certificated items, competitive prices and consistently standardized manufacturing, we hope all our customers can meet goals both in business and beauty.

Gold Protein thread vs pdo thread

gold protein thread-no pain, no needle, instant lift,

Dermax has new arrival-gold protein thread can be an alternative of pdo thread. Kosence gold protein is to anti-wrinkle. It uses PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology to replicate collagen, repair broken fibers, fill skin depressions, and reshape youthful appearance. It can plump up the apple muscle, lift the jaw line, remove the yellow gas on the face, dilute the nasolabial folds, remove the wrinkles around the eyes, and dilute the wrinkles on the forehead. Gold protein thread face lift is not non-invasive products like pdo thread.

You can use gold protein thread at home, do not drive to the local clinic, because it is Just gently lift and massage with your hands, it can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and the sagging tissue can be effectively improved.

Advantages of Magik Thread Pdo Thread