Needles Mesotherapy

Brand Name: CozyTouch
Model Number: 30g 32g 34g
Needle Length: 1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 13mm 25mm
Use: mesotherapy injections, botulinum toxin and other applications 
Ingredient: Stainless Steel
Certification: CE
Supply Type: OEM/ODM
  • 30g 32g 34g

  • CozyTouch

 CozyTouch Needles Mesotherapy

The disposable needles mesotherapy is a sterile and single-use medical device designed for the precise and controlled delivery of therapeutic substances into the skin. Crafted from high-quality materials, this needle ensures hygienic application and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

With a slender and sharp design, the needle facilitates accurate penetration of the skin, allowing for targeted administration of mesotherapy solutions. Its construction emphasizes user safety and patient comfort, incorporating features such as a smooth, beveled tip to minimize discomfort during insertion.

The disposable nature of the needle eliminates the need for sterilization between uses, streamlining the process and saving time in medical or cosmetic procedures.

Designed to meet stringent quality standards, the disposable mesotherapy needle provides healthcare professionals with a reliable tool for delivering therapeutic agents, promoting skin rejuvenation, and addressing various

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needles mesotherapy

needles mesotherapy

  CozyTouch Needles Mesotherapy Overview

These CozyTouch needle mesotherapy are specially designed for Botulinum toxin type a injections and micro-injections.

Mesotherapy needles offer benefits to doctors and patients.

The use of these mesotherapy needles reduces pain.

The use of these mesotherapy needles can avoid the use of local anaesthetic.

These mesotherapy needles for micro-injection are available in different lengths/sizes.

CozyTouch mesotherapy needles are supplied in boxes of 100 sterile needles. The sterile needles are individually wrapped.

CozyTouch mesotherapy needles are sterile, single use mesotherapy needles.


Keep the product at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight and high humidity.

Keep the product in a clean place to prevent pollution.

Expiry date: 3 years from the manufacturing date

How To Use:

Peel apart to expose the hub.

Push and twist the needle clockwise onto the syringe tip or catheter tip to seat it firmly and assure a tight fit.

For single use.

Product Information:

The thin wall needles mesotherapy enables less extrusion force and results in smoother injection. Mesotherapy is effectively used for various ways such as injecting hyaluronic acid, local anesthetics, mesotherapy and placenta as well as high viscid solution.

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needles mesotherapy

mesotherapy needles

Advantage Of CozyTouch Needles Mesotherapy

The mesotherapy needles boasts several advantages in medical and cosmetic applications. Its fine and sharp design allows for precise and controlled delivery of therapeutic substances into the skin, enabling targeted treatment of specific areas. This precision is crucial in addressing dermatological concerns effectively.

The needle's construction emphasizes patient comfort, with features such as a smooth, beveled tip to minimize discomfort during insertion. This contributes to a positive patient experience and encourages compliance with treatment plans.

In the realm of aesthetics and dermatology, mesotherapy needles offer a minimally invasive approach, reducing the need for more invasive procedures. This can lead to quicker recovery times, lower risk of complications, and enhanced overall safety for patients.

Mesotherapy needles are versatile, accommodating various formulations and substances used in mesotherapy treatments. This flexibility allows healthcare professionals to tailor therapies to individual patient needs, offering a personalized and targeted approach to address specific skin conditions or concerns.

Overall, the mesotherapy needle stands out for its precision, patient comfort, minimally invasive nature, and adaptability, making it a valuable tool in the arsenal of healthcare professionals for a range of dermatological and aesthetic applications. Get a quotation about CozyTouch Needles Mesotherapy Price!

30g 4mm meso needle

  Models Of CozyTouch Needles Mesotherapy

needles mesotherapy

meso needles

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