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Dermax Botulinum toxin Nabota vs Botulax- Ship Directly From Korea

In the world of aesthetic medicine, Botulinum toxin has long been the gold standard for reducing wrinkles and achieving a more youthful appearance. Among these, Nabota and Innotox stand out as prominent contenders. In this blog, Dermax will delve into the characteristics, benefits, and differences of Nabota and Innotox, helping you make an informed choice.

What is Nabota?

Nabota is a botulinum toxin type A product developed by Daewoong Pharmaceutical, a South Korean company. It is designed to temporarily paralyze muscles, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Nabota is known for its high purity and efficacy, making it a popular choice among dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

NAB0TA has 100u and 200u , the right one that is suitable for patients who has used many times before,and stopped responding to other brands. This products also has a fast effect result, usually it works 2-3 days later and the effect can last 4-5 months.

Key Features of Nabota

  1. High Purity and Potency: Nabota boasts a high level of purity, which translates to effective results with fewer side effects. Its potency ensures that patients achieve the desired outcomes with minimal doses.

  2. Quick Onset and Long-Lasting Results: One of the notable features of Nabota is its quick onset of action. Patients can start seeing improvements within a few days, and the effects typically last for 4-6 months.

  3. FDA Approval: Nabota has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which attests to its safety and effectiveness. This approval has bolstered its reputation and increased its adoption worldwide.

  4. Versatile Applications: Beyond cosmetic uses, Nabota is also utilized for medical purposes such as treating chronic migraines, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), and muscle spasticity. Get a quotation about Nabota botulinum toxin price.

What is Innotox?

Innotox, developed by Medytox in South Korea, is a distinctive botulinum toxin type A product. Its liquid formulation sets it apart from other botulinum toxins, as it eliminates the need for reconstitution before use. Additionally, Innotox is insensitive to temperature changes, unlike solid-phase formulations, so shipments do not require ice packs. This makes it easy to ship and store for short periods, contributing to its more affordable cost.

Key Features of Innotox

  1. Easy-To-Use: The best thing about Innotox is that it comes in liquid form,and does not need dilution with any other solution. Just onevial provides ready-to-be-used solution.

  2. Lowest Diffusion: The product is known for having the lowest diffusion among currently known botulinum toxins, which may reduce the risk of unwanted spread to adjacent muscles.

  3. Stability and Shelf Life: The liquid formulation of Innotox offers improved stability compared to its powdered counterparts. It has a longer shelf life, maintaining its efficacy over extended periods.

  4. Reduced Risk of Contamination: Since Innotox does not require reconstitution, there is a reduced risk of contamination during the preparation process. This contributes to a safer procedure for patients. Get a quotation about Innotox botulinum toxin price.

Innotox Product Details

Active ingredients Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A
Application part Face, neck
Duration 6 months
Appearance liquid
Packing unit 1 vial
Country of origin Republic of Korea

Application of Innotox 50U - Ship Directly From Korea

– essential blepharospasm in patients over 18 years old;

– equinus deformity of the foot caused by spasticity in children with cerebral palsy from 2 years of age;

– deep glabellar (glabellar) wrinkles in adults under 65;

Nabota Botulinum Toxin VS Innotox Botulinum Toxin




South Korea

South Korea


Daewoong Pharmaceutical

Medytox Inc





100 units 200units

50 units 100units


Lyophilized Powder






2-7 days



Usually 4-6 months

Usually 4-6 months


2-8 degrees Celsius

2-8 degrees Celsius

Both Nabota and Innotox all offer effective solutions for wrinkle reduction and other aesthetic concerns, each with its unique advantages. Choosing between Nabota and Innotox ultimately depends on individual preferences, practitioner experience, and specific treatment goals. Consulting with a qualified medical professional can help determine the best option tailored to your needs, ensuring safe and satisfactory results. For more information on the differences between Nabota and Innotox or other brands, check out this blog Botulax VS Nabota VS Innotox VS Rentox.

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