Is cannula better than needle?

Views: 10     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-17      Origin: Site

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micro cannula

Neddle stands for sharp needles, which are by far the most widely used and popular type of injection. There is no doubt that the sharp needle will be more likely to puncture the blood vessel after touching it, and the smaller the caliber of the needle, the easier it is to penetrate the blood vessel, especially when repeated punctures, the possibility of piercing the blood vessel will be greater.

Cannula is a blunt needle, a syringe with a blunt, soft and flexible needle outlet designed on the side of the needle. Blunt needle injection reduces the probability of penetration into the blood vessel because when the blunt needle needle touches the blood vessel, the blood vessel slides along the needle wall, reducing the risk of damage to the blood vessel.

The entire needle of the cannula is made of flexible and elastic stainless steel, and the rounded blunt tip can advance smoothly in the soft tissue, which can reduce postoperative swelling. The flexible needle tube can better meet the needs of face curve, so it can make a more even and natural face line with the fewest needle holes. 

Nowadays, for facial injections, more people choose to use blunt needles, when the cannula touch blood vessels and nerves, they will naturally slide away without piercing, which can greatly reduce the chance of bleeding, bruising, and nerve damage. The rounded outlet is designed on the side of the needle, so even if the vessel is punctured, the filler will not be immediately injected into the blood vessel, preventing the filler from being injected into the subcutaneous blood vessel and causing vascular compression or vascular embolism, thereby reducing the chance of skin necrosis.

Advantages of cannula:

1. Safe, reduce bleeding and bruising, reduce the risk of blood clots;

2. One penetration point can cover more area;

3. Less relative pain;

4. It is easier for doctors to evenly distribute fillers and reduce swelling;

5. The patient's return to normal is faster.