Best Cannula for Filler Injection

Product name: Microcannula Size: 18G/21G/22G/23G/25G/27G Application: Cosmetic surgery/Dermal Filler injection Needle length:38mm/50mm/70mm Shelf Lif: 5 Years Supply Type: OEM, ODM Material: stainless steel Quality Certification: CE
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Best Cannula for Filler Injection Online - Dermax 

The entire needle of the blunt needle is made of flexible and elastic stainless steel, and the rounded blunt tip can advance smoothly in the soft tissue, which can reduce postoperative swelling. The flexible needle tube can better meet the needs of face curve, so it can make a more even and natural face line with the fewest needle holes. Blunt Cannula needles are suitable for large-area filling injections, such as rhinoplasty, apple muscle, tear trough injections, etc.

CozySculpt® microcannula cannula is Dermax's flexible and blunt-tip Cannula needle. It's specifically designed for cosmetic injections of fluids such as Hyaluronic Acid Filler (HA filler) and other injectable fillers.

Advantage of CozySculpt micro cannula needle:

CozySculpt with Good Toughness: EFFECTIVE AND SAFE TREATMENT, Top-quality steel, bending 200 times at 25 degree, CozySculpt ® is still in good condition.

Smooth Needle Tube: SMOOTH INJECTION, NO INJURY; Smooth needle tube have been drew one time by 100% automatic system.
28.5°Cozy Angle™: NO SCRATCH NO PAIN,Needle opening applies slant 28.5°patented Cozy Angle TechnologyTM, which ensures comfortable treatment.
Hub Marking: FOR EXTRA PRECISION, pening applies slant 28.5°.patented Cozy Angle TechnologyTM , which ensures comfortable treatment.More Control, More Precision Ensures Better Results And More Satisfaction.

Micro cannula needle Compare to a sharp needle

1. No downtime: No ecchymosis means back to work and social life right away.
2. Consistent results: Product is spread more evenly throughout the area of injection.
3. Happy patients: Painless procedure without any social exclusion means happy patients.

Best Cannula for Filler Injection

 Best Cannula for Filler Injectionadvantages

Best Cannula for Filler Injection

Best Cannula for Filler Injection

Best Cannula for Filler Injection


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