In-depth Analysis of The Medical Cosmetology

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Medical cosmetology has strong consumption attributes, For example, and the average GDP of Chinese in 2019 is 10410 US dollars, which is close to South Korea's 1994, and the CAGR from 2014 to 2019 is 5.97%, which is significantly higher than the 3.46%, 1.10% and 1.72% of the United States, Japan and South Korea. In the past decade, the number of consultations and treatments in China's medical beauty hospitals has increased significantly, the demand has increased significantly, and the consumption capacity is expected to increase rapidly, empowering the Chinese medical beauty market.

The dual needs of "more beautiful" and "anti-aging" drive market development. Different age groups have different characteristics of aesthetic medical appeals. In the younger age group, the main purpose is to adjust and optimize the facial contour; The demand for body shaping of older women has increased, and the consumption amount has gradually increased, and anti-aging and wrinkle removal has become the main medical beauty appeal of the post-70s female group. Injectable medical beauty projects based on hyaluronic acid filling and botulinum toxin face slimming can meet the dual needs of "contour optimization" and "anti-aging", and the market potential is huge.

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Surgical aesthetic service solutions continue to improve, non-surgical medical aesthetic materials continue to innovate, formulas are constantly upgraded, and product categories are constantly enriched, covering the differentiated needs of more beauty lovers, which in turn drives the continuous improvement of customer unit price and number of treatments. According to the standards of the Ministry of Health, medical cosmetology projects can be divided into four categories: cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic Chinese medicine, and the cosmetic surgery projects are hierarchically managed, according to the difficulty and complexity of surgery and the possible medical accidents and risks, from low to high, the cosmetic surgery projects are divided into four levels.

(1) Supply side: chaos in the industry, stricter supervision is favorable to head enterprises

1) Medical beauty institutions, practitioners, marketing promotion, business management, etc. are relatively chaotic, and compliance management is imperative

Global medical beauty consumption: hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin are mainstream consumer products, and high-income middle-aged groups are mainstream consumer groups. Domestic medical beauty consumption: There is still a lot of room for the penetration rate of middle-aged consumer groups to improve. The unit price of middle-aged consumers is higher. In 2019, the per capita unit price of medical beauty consumers aged 20-25, accounting for 38.6%, was 1694 yuan, while the average unit price of 36-40 year old consumers, which accounted for only 2.9%, was the highest (2802 yuan per capita), they have certain consumption strength and the demand to fight decay and beauty is more vigorous, so medical beauty institutions that have been in business for more than ten years are more dependent on such high-net-worth customers. The blue ocean of collagen is rising, and the recombinant humanization technology is a key breakthrough.

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Compared with hyaluronic acid, collagen has the advantages of non-absorbent expansion, non-displacement and opaqueness, and has an outstanding filling effect in parts with less soft tissues and thinner skin, so it is currently commonly used in areas around the eyes, nasolabial folds and other parts. With excellent biocompatibility, collagen opens up another potential track in medical beauty, and the blue ocean market space is broad. Collagen is ubiquitous in the human body, widely used and biocompatible. It is still in the early stage of industry development, and the addition of many players has made the collagen field develop rapidly. Early collagen was mainly derived from animal extraction, and it is relatively mature, but xeno-extraction is prone to rejection reaction. Recombinant humanized collagen is currently the most advanced collagen technology product, by achieving 100% of the same functional protein as the human DNA sequence and structure, it can achieve the effect of zero rejection, and it is also the main research direction of many enterprises. Among them, type III mainly exists in infant skin, which has higher elasticity than type I, so it has become the key research direction of anti-aging. At present, Jinbo Biotech's recombinant type III. humanized collagen freeze-dried fiber "Weiyimei" is the only recombinant humanized collagen implant product on the market that has obtained three types of devices. Hyaluronic acid injection field: differentiated products adapt to the diversified needs of consumers.

The variety of hyaluronic acid products is becoming increasingly abundant, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Hyaluronic acid injection products benefit from rich product matrix, diverse parts of action and wide price coverage, and have become the primary cosmetic injection products in China.