How to inject hyaluronic acid to make the forehead fuller?

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Today I will introduce how to inject hyaluronic acid to make the forehead fuller.

The unevenness of the forehead can give the appearance of aging. The injection of hyaluronic acid can improve the unevenness of the forehead and create a smooth, full forehead. So many doctor friends asked me to recommend the right filler.

Because the forehead is a particularly sensitive area for pain, so the best choice is Aqua Secret® Intense. With a thin wall needle and lidocaine, Intense can be injected smoothly and cause less pain and bruising. Aqua Secret has been used by patients in more than 160 countries, there have been more than 20 million treatments performed across the globe. There are many different kinds of beauty, and Aqua Secret can provide a variety products for different needs.


It is recommended to inject filler into the relatively smooth periosteal layer, which not only makes the injection easier but also reduces the risk of injecting hyaluronic acid into blood vessels.

In addition, The recommended injection dosage is 4-6ml, and the operation should be slow and gentle.

Of course, the injection dosage should be selected according to the actual situation of the client.

Effect of Aqua Secret Intense

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