how to dissolve pdo threads faster?

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Inflammatory response to exposed thread

Whether the pdo thread can dissolve quickly needs to be determined according to the material of the line, and most of the current pdo sculptures use absorbable threads, thereby reducing the damage to the human body. The absorbable thread is basically a protein thread, and early local heating can accelerate the dissolution of the thread of the thread. In addition, ultrasonic procedure, ThermoLift, etc. can also accelerate the dissolution of pdo thread. For more detailes about the conditions of yourself, I would recommend you to find a board certified dermatologist to evaluate your condition.

Pdo threading is one of the various surgeries for facial rejuvenation. According to the different treatment needs of facial aging, the facial thread lifting surgery will "bury" the dissolved and absorbed "beauty thread" of different types and specifications into the dermis layer of the face or the SMAS fascia layer in different ways, and lift in a satisfactory direction, which can not only obtain an immediate lifting effect; Subsequent stimulation of collagen regeneration, rejuvenation effect continues to appear.

Am I suitable for PDO threads (1)

The actual time of pdo threading is about 30 minutes to 1 hour, and with preoperative anesthesia and post-operative ice, the entire treatment can be completed in about two hours.

Protein lines can be normally absorbed and metabolized by the human body within about 180 to 240 days, and there is no residual problem. After the thread is buried under the skin, it will temporarily feel that something is inside, and when making an expression or laughing, there will be a feeling of being pulled by something, which is a normal phenomenon. Do not deliberately rub in one to two weeks, do not make exaggerated expressions, and after two weeks this feeling will slowly disappear.

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