How often are Botulinum Toxin shots?

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As each person's living habits, physique, and muscle state are different, these will affect the effect of botulinum toxin injection. It is usually recommended to inject once every six months, but if you want to maintain the best state, it will take about 3 to 4 months. You can consider playing again.

According to research, as the muscles become smaller, the frequency and dose of botulinum toxin will gradually decrease, and the treatment effect can be effectively prolonged.


Post-operative care of Botulinum Toxin

After finishing the Botulinum Toxin injection course, the small points of postoperative maintenance also need to be paid attention to, so as to avoid losing the effect of the completed beauty plan.

Keep away from heat and strenuous exercise:

Try to stay away from heat sources (cooking, bathing, blowing hair) and strenuous exercise within four hours of injection to avoid improper relaxation of other muscles and unnatural expressions.

Avoid rubbing, tilting your head, lying down:

Avoiding these behaviors within four hours of injection, especially rubbing the injection site with your hands, can cause the drug to spread and cause facial asymmetry.

Facial expression activity:

If the injection is on the face, make more expressions (frowning, raising eyebrows) within a day, so that the muscles can fully absorb the drug.

Stimulating maintenance and high temperature differential activities:

Within a week after injection, avoid using more irritating maintenance (A acid, fruit acid, exfoliation), and activities with high temperature difference (sauna, oven, hot spring) as much as possible.

Return evaluation:

One week after the injection, it is necessary to return to the doctor to check the effect and evaluate whether it needs to be fine-tuned to achieve the most natural and ideal effect.

Injection maintenance is more and more popular among people. No matter what, it is necessary to find a professionally certified physician for personal diagnosis, to clearly inform their own conditions, and to maximize the effectiveness of the curative effect, which is not only beautiful, but also more natural.