How many doses of hyaluronic acid to inject part 2

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aqua secreta

1, nasolabial folds (nasal base): the oblique wrinkles from the nose wings to the corners of the mouth on both sides are the most common parts of skin aging Hyaluronic acid injection, according to the depth of wrinkles bilateral dose of about 0.5-2 ml

2., inter-brow lines: due to the contraction of the frown muscles between the two eyebrows, generally the first injection of botulinum toxin to improve Common after 1 months the residual wrinkles can be further hyaluronic acid filling, the general dose of 0.5 ml

3, tear trough: from the inner corner of the eye along the oblique depression of the nasal orbital margin Hyaluronic acid filling dose should not be too large, the general bilateral dose of a total of 0.5 ml, the dose required is relatively small

4, apple muscle: inverted triangle area under the eyes, smile or facial expression when slightly raised due to muscle squeeze Hyaluronic acid filling can make it fuller, more youthful, generally bilateral dose of a total of 2 ml The project, unless needed, generally do not do so much

5, rhinoplasty: for a certain nasal basic condition, but the lack of height of the nose root and the back of the nose is particularly suitable At the same time, the filling can also be slightly adjusted to the shape of the nose tip , the general dose of 0.5-1 ml

6, chin augmentation: injection can adjust the length of the chin and the degree of forward tilt, so that the overall line is more beautiful General dose of 1-2 ml

7, forehead: filling the forehead can make it fuller, reduce wrinkles or depression, refreshment (do less) General dose 1-2 ml

8, filling the temples: for the case of emaciation of the body and not much fat, according to the actual situation, the bilateral dose can be in total 4-8 ml

9, Lip enlargement: can make the lip shape more plump, the general dose of 1-2 ml

10, facial hyaluronic acid injection can also be used to improve the deeper crow's feet, upper lip skin wrinkles, injection of silkworms The general dose is about 0.5-1 ml