How long will the pdo thread effect last?

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Magik Thread_1

Your body will actually absorb your PDO line naturally over time. Your threads usually take about six months to dissolve completely. 

During this time, you should see continuous improvement in the sagging skin. Since your PDO thread increases the amount of collagen in your skin, your improvement may even persist after your thread has completely dissolved.

The long recovery period goes hand in hand with the traditional facelift. Although your reaction to this cosmetic procedure is unique, if you use this method to lift your skin, you may need to take a lot of time away from work. In contrast, thread lift is a quick, minimally invasive treatment with very little downtime.

Getting a traditional facelift is expensive and not controversial. Also, as you recover from surgery, you may use up all your vacation or personal days. You may even have out-of-pocket expenses for childcare, chores, and other tasks while you focus on recovery. Accepting a PDO thread lift is a more affordable way to improve saggy skin.

After it goes on, you can see a possible concurrent facelift at a meeting on the periphery of the venue, and there may be a meeting in a public space at the same time. Also, you need to wait for the final impact as soon as possible. Implantation of PDO causes sagging immediately, and over time, the skin becomes more active and the effect increases gradually.

Magik Thread®

Magik Thread® is an absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) suture in a cannula or needle indicated for use in soft tissue approximation for a timeless rejuvenation. Magik Thread® has a series of smooth threads, including mono threads, crew threads and cog threads, and barbed threads which raw material is approved by FDA. Dermax Co., Ltd has it's own independent brands -- Magik Thread, Aqua Secret and Sutux.

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