How is the recovery from PDO threads?

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-23      Origin: Site

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magik thread

The recovery period after having a PDO thread procedure is minimal, differing to that of BBL light therapy that can be more rigid. You will likely experience swelling and bruising for the first day or two after, but can return to most of your daily routine immediately. However, avoid rubbing your face in the week following the procedure in case of accidental thread dislodgement. Other activities to avoid in the one-to-two weeks post-treatment include sleeping on your side, saunas and exercising intensely.

Like most skin procedures, there is the risk of side effects with PDO threads. However, this risk is much lower than those associated with facelift surgeries, with less scarring, bruising and bleeding when performed professionally.

Minor complications from PDO threads can occurs in 15 – 20 per cent of procedures, but are usually easily corrected. These include:

  • Visible sutures

  • Pain

  • Snapping of threads

  • Minor bruising

  • Infection

  • Dimpling