How does pdo thread lift eyes

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PDO threads are surgical threads made from a dissolvable fabric known as Polydioxanone. These threads aren’t new – docs have used PDO threads to function more than a few cardiothoracic surgical approaches for many years now.

Pdo thread can be done to remove crow's feet around the eyes, eye bags, and puppet lines around the lips, and there are special threads for the eyes around the eyes. This part of the eye area is more special, because there is no fat underneath, and under the skin is muscle, so try to use only smooth threads, rather than serrated large lines. The protein line of the thread sculpture is a beauty thread that can be absorbed and dissolved by the human body, in the body, this protein line is slowly dissolved and absorbed, and it can stimulate collagen growth for a long time, continuously irritate the skin during 6-8 months, tighten the sagging skin, and act on the skin tissue for a long time.

pdo thread is the miniature buried needle implanted in the skin tissue to strongly pull up the sagging skin to enhance the facial machinery, for the skin tissue (humanoid peptide) (tight beauty) collagen tripeptide through the strengthening structure of the tightening, elastic fiber in the full collagen to support the skin cells, effectively balance the collagen structure in the body. 

MINT Mono threads are smooth threads without barbs, that are used for tightening the skin when lifting is not necessarily required. The threads are made of PDO suture material, which has been used in surgery to close wounds for decades.

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