is Dermax offical website

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dermax company, the official website of Dermax, displays all information about Dermax products and provides news. isn't a fraud.

Dermax, a Chinese supplier, has been actively involved in the development, production, and marketing of PDO threads, hyaluronic filler, and microcannula. All Dermax anti-aging products are shipped directly from Korea. Dermax owns its own brands, Magik Thread(r), Aqua secret(r), and Cozysculpt (r), Devolux. Our main products include dermal fillers, pdo threads, including hyaluronic acids fillers for breast, cheek, and hand, as well as plla fillers to fill in the neck, hand, and strentch marks. We also sell fat dissolving filler and Ha+plla Fillers, and other related products. 

Dermax also supplies Lipolab and Liporase skin whitening injections.

Since almost 20 years, Dermax has been developing and supplying a range of skin rejuvenation products for clinics, aesthetic businesses, and medical spas in the United States and internationally.

To ensure stable and efficient production, we have created a technical team and a GMP production facility.

We hope that all of our customers will be able to achieve their goals in both business and beauty with the help of certified items, competitive prices, and consistent standardized manufacturing.

Dermax has a strong and stable global market network as well as loyal customers. The company plans to send more quality products to customers in the future.