Botulinum Toxin vs Dysport

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Botulinum toxin, often shortened to Botulinum Toxin, is a the general name of all botulinum toxin products, such as Dysport, Xeomin (Germany), Botulinum Toxin(US – Botulinum Toxin). Botulinum Toxin has been on the market for more than 20 years, and because of its good safety, it has become synonymous with modern medical beauty! Dysport Botulinum Toxin originated in Bolton Down, England. It has been on the market for nearly 30 years. It can be regarded as the time-honored brand of the Botulinum Toxin family. Its main ingredient is also highly purified "botulinum toxin type A", which can improve dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contraction by preventing nerve lines near muscles from secreting conductive substances, such as crow's feet, Sichuan-shaped lines, and forehead lines. Wait. Dysport has a low addition rate of botulinum toxin-forming protein, which is not easy to cause allergies, which is also its advantage. 

Botulinum toxin works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that produce fine lines on the face. This gives this skin a chance to rejuvenate after years of frowns and stares. From the 1990s until the early days, Botulinum Toxin was used to treat patients with abnormal eyelashes, facial muscles and paresis.

Dermax Botulinum Toxin supplier-ship directly from Korea

Besides Dysport, there are also many types of Botulinum Toxin. The earliest production of botulinum toxin products in Korea was about 2000 by Medytox, mainly focusing on Botulinum Toxin products and hyaluronic acid filler products. In 2006, the company developed Korea's first type A botulinum toxin "Medytoxin", becoming the fourth company in the world to develop such a product. Subsequently, products such as botulinum toxin type A Innotox for liquid injection and botulinum toxin Coretox without animal-derived ingredients were successively developed.Botulinum Toxin brands that everyone is most heavily fortified with, they are also the list of Korean Botulinum Toxin in recent years will succeed many Botulinum Toxin brands, including Meditoxin, Nabota, Hutox, Botulax, and Rentox. Dermax is a leading botulinum toxin type A (Botulinum Toxin) online supplier from China. Dermax has high-quality botulinum toxin type A for sale. Our botulinum toxin type A has been selling to customers worldwide and at home for about 7 years. Dermax has developed a collection of botulinum toxin type A including Botulax 100u and 200u, Nabota 100u and 200u, Meditoxin 100u, 150u and 200u, Hutox, and Re N Tox 100u and 200u. Find botulinum toxin type A for sale, please find Dermax. 

Innotox is the world's first newly developed liquid injectable form of botulinum toxin type A, which was approved by the KFDA in Korea in 2013. Innotox is a ready-to-use sterile liquid with a concentration of 4U/0.1ml. It can avoid the risk of excessive injection of botulinum toxin or contamination caused by improper ratio of normal saline. Innotox botulinum toxin ultimately improve the safety and efficacy of treatment; ReN Tox100 units is an innovative drug (botulinum toxin) type A premium class. It appears as a lyophilized white powder for injection in a colorless transparent vial; Botulax is a type A botulinum toxin for injection produced by the Korean biopharmaceutical company HUGEL; Botulax it has been significantly improved. It is also a brand of South Korea's Pacific Pharmaceuticals; 

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