Are blunt needles for aesthetic injections safe?

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micro cannula

In fact, blunt needles have been successfully used in autologous fat grafting as early as before, and in recent years, they have been applied to injection filling beauty for safety reasons. What is a blunt needle? A blunt needle, also known as a micro cannula, is a syringe with a round, soft and flexible needle outlet designed on the side of the needle. The entire needle of the blunt needle is made of flexible and elastic stainless steel, and the rounded blunt tip can advance smoothly in the soft tissue, which can reduce postoperative swelling. The flexible needle tube can better meet the needs of face curve, so it can make a more even and natural face line with the fewest needle holes. Blunt needles are suitable for large-area filling injections, such as rhinoplasty, apple muscle, tear trough injections, etc.

Advantages of micro cannula blunt needles:

1. Safe, reduce bleeding and bruising, reduce the risk of blood clots;

2. One penetration point can cover more area;

3. Less relative pain;

4. It is easier for doctors to evenly distribute fillers and reduce swelling;

5. The patient's return to normal is faster.

Is blunt needle absolutely safe? 

Not all blunt needles are safe, and there are differences in safety for blunt needles of different quality, so be sure to pay attention to the difference and selection. In practice, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the replenishment of capacity from deep to shallow, not only pay attention to the replenishment of the volume of the injection site, but also pay attention to the distribution of volume, only in this way can we create a young, three-dimensional and natural facial shape and reduce the complications after injection. 

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