Types of dark circles and injection tips

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Why are there dark circles? What is the best way to get rid of dark circles? Let's take a look at why dark circles form and find effective ways of cosmetic injection to eliminate them!

1. Preoperative precautions

"Before injection, quit smoking and alcohol, do not take aspirin-containing drugs, do not inject during menstruation..." Before injection, a professional doctor will tell you precautions before and after injection.

"Doctor, can you explain to me the precautions before and after the injection?" Before the injection, you may wish to take the initiative to ask the doctor, which is also a technique to avoid unpleasantness.

2, set the plan line

After informing the precautions, the doctor will determine the location and depth of the injection according to the problem you want to solve.

The doctor will first circle the corners of the eyes, nose, forehead wrinkles, lips, chin and other designated correction areas with a red pen (or other color) to determine the position more accurately. After the circle, the doctor will take a mirror for you to check whether there are any incorrect places.


At present, most of them are disinfected with iodophor. Iodophor disinfection is not as irritating as alcohol disinfection. Iodophor is an amorphous combination of elemental iodine and polyvinylpyrrolidone (Povidone), compared with iodine wine, alcohol, iodophor caused by irritation pain is milder, easy to be accepted, and widely used, accurate effect, basically replace alcohol, red mercury, iodine wine, purple liquid and other skin and mucous membrane disinfectants.

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1, genetic factors Bruce Katz, a dermatologist in New York, USA, said that family inheritance is an important factor in the occurrence of dark circles.

2, allergic factors

When allergy occurs, body cells will release histamine, an allergic mediator, which can increase the permeability of the body's capillaries and lead to vasodilation and swelling. The skin under the eyelids and eyes is the thinnest skin tissue in the human body, and when the blood vessels in these areas appear swollen, their color is darker and darker than the skin in the rest of the face, which is one of the reasons for the formation of dark circles.

The most effective way to deal with such dark circles is to treat allergies. After the swelling of the blood vessels subsides, dark circles will naturally disappear.

3、Cosmetic stimulation

Many cosmetics on the market now have the effect of covering or lightening dark circles, such as liquid foundation, concealer, etc. It should be noted that depending on the individual's situation, some cosmetics (such as mascara, eye shadow, concealer, etc.) may irritate the skin, induce allergies, and even aggravate dark circles. If you feel skin tingling or itching after using cosmetics, be sure to stop using it decisively, and try not to scratch your face repeatedly, especially the skin around the eyes.

4, the tear trough is too deep

The tear trough is a groove that starts from the inner corner of the eye and appears on the side of the nose of the lower eyelid, due to the atrophy and sagging of the soft tissues at the lower edge of the orbital septum. People with thinner skin around the eyes have more pronounced tear troughs. The tear trough on the inside of the lower eyelid will become more and more obvious with age. You can apply some high-quality concealer to cover it up, but make sure it doesn't irritate the skin or cause allergies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Angle Treatment of Dark Circles Eye Dressing Method

1, Tea Bag Compress: Use tea bags that press off the tea juice after brewing.

2, hot egg massage: After the egg is boiled, remove the shell, wrap it in a towel, close the eyes and massage the eye area with the egg, which can speed up blood circulation.

3. Apple slices for eyes: Wash and slice apples, apply to the eyes for 15 minutes and then wash with water. The higher the juice of apples, the better.

4. Potato chips for eyes: Peel and wash potatoes (long shoots cannot be used), cut into thick slices of about two cm, apply to the eyes for 5 minutes, and then wash with water.