The principle of PDO Threading

Views: 35     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-30      Origin: Site

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To put it simply, PDO Threading is like the reinforced concrete used when building a house. When the doctor skillfully embeds the special absorbable protein thread into the skin, it can support and lift the loose and sagging soft tissues to make it stiff or The sagging muscle tissue is rearranged to recreate a beautiful face.

This shows how important the doctor's exquisite technology and Thread are. It can be seen that the concerns of those who seek beauty are justified, so let’s give you a popular science thread.




The PDO thread is a smooth thread that can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water in the human body. It is not harmful to the body. It is suitable for the face and there is no obvious relaxation. A large amount of collagen is still present in the skin tissue and the fascia is not slack. Young people who need to maintain and freeze age.



PPDO is an upgrade based on the PDO line, which can stimulate the production of collagen, and it will be effective. The absorption time is generally 6-8 months. It is also the most commonly used line in thread carving.

 PLLA line has slow absorption speed and slow effect. Generally, it takes effect after 3 months, and it can also stimulate the production of autologous collagen. But because the ingredients are purified from animals, unlike PDO and PPDO, there is no rejection reaction.