Pdo Thread Eye Lift

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Pdo thread eye lift surgery refers to a surgery in which sutures (or polymer sutures) are directly buried between the skin and the tarsal plate by suture, so that the upper eyelid skin and the eyelid plate are adhesion and form a heavy eyelid. Plastic implantation double eyelid is a cosmetic method, this method is suitable for young people with large bleral fissures, thin eyelids, no bloated eyelids, eyelid skin without laxity and normal tension, and no epicanthal folds, generally through the burial of double eyelid surgery.

Buried double eyelids generally use polymer protein lines. Polymer protein line can promote blood circulation, prevent uneven conditions during surgical sutures, and reduce swelling and congestion during surgery, so that double eyelid surgery can recover faster. But the collagen of the protein line itself is the component contained in the human body, so it can be degraded and absorbed by the human body, once the polymer protein line is absorbed and degraded, the double eyelids will fall down and become the inner double.

Pdo Thread Facelift for Nose

Recovery of Pdo thread eye lift

The swelling after the double eyelids is generally recovered in about a month. Postoperative attention needs: 1. Do not touch water for 1 week after embedding; 2. Apply ice cubes every day to relieve swelling; 3. Avoid spicy irritation and seafood foods, eat less salty foods, and drink more water; 4. Raise your head, pay attention to rest, and do not rub the affected area; 5, go out to pay attention to sun protection, avoid exercise, avoid sweating, try to go out to choose the way to take the car; 6. Keep the affected area dry and clean.

Buried protein thread double eyelids are washed with salt water the next day

Buried thread double eyelids can usually be washed with normal saline on the day of thread burial. Normal saline not only cleans the wound, but also maintains local dry hygiene and prevents bacterial infection. However, when washing with normal saline, it is best to rinse and avoid touching the wound with your hands. Greasy and irritating foods are usually avoided. You can eat some foods rich in vitamin C and collagen, such as milk, eggs and meat, and eat more vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, bitter melons, apples and oranges to help with rapid recovery.