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    Q PDO Thread

    1,What is PDO thread used for?
    It is a safe and effective thread lifting procedure that instantly lifts sagging skin and approximate
    soft tissues, giving a fresh and revitalized look.
    2,Why choose your PDO thread? Any advantage please?
    FDA approved Samyang suture, none tissue, reactions after implantation in human body.
    Super lifting effect, 25°barb Angle, high tension, intensity, suitable for facial lifting and tissue fixation.
    Slow absorption in the human body at a rate of 15%-20% per year hydrolysis, which ensures a longer lifting effect.
    CE and ISO approval.
    3,How long do the results usually last?
    It depends on age, genetics, lifestyle, smoking habits, skin type, amount of collagen in the skin: approximately 12 months (6-18 months) and when using cones, the results can last up to 24 months.
    4,What is the difference between the use of smooth thread and barbed thread?
    Mono and Screw are smooth thread, used to make collagen.
    Barbed thread(Cog) are thread with barbs to hook to the underside of the skin. These barbs are purposed as anchoring points, support structure to lift sagging tissues. 
    5.Which type has the best lifting effect?
    Molding Cog或者Cog 6D
    Cog 6D's tip is W blunt cannula, that cause minimum damage to the vessels, and the customer reports that the swelling rate is very low. The thread thickness is 1-0, and there are thorns in 6 directions on the thread, that have a strong lifting effect on the saggy skin.
    Molding Cog tip is L Blunt cannula and it also cause very small damage to the vessels. The thread thickness is 1-0, the thorns on the thread adopt a new technology that is completely different from the cutting of traditional COG: moulding-die, this technique makes the thorn of Molding Cog is much thicker and stronger. The pulling force can be more than four times of the traditional cog, and the maintenance time in the skin is longer, which can achieve better and more lasting treatment effect.
    6,Which threads should be introduced for a certain part?
    Regarding the application of Magik Thread, different models, different sizes are suitable for different treatment and different body parts.
    7,What’s the difference between L and W cannula? Which one is better?
    They are both blunt tip as the pic shows. Compared to sharp tip, blunt tip does not harm blood vessels, so there is less bleeding and bruising, a lower swelling rate, and higher customer satisfaction. On this point, W tip is better than L tip.
  • HA Products

    1.Which one is for lip?
    Model Aqua Secret Smoocy

    2.How long do the effect last?
    Light and Volume model are about 6-8 months, Intense and Smoocy about 8-12 months.

    3.How many pieces should I use for my buttock? 
    The more you inject, the better effect it will be, usually about 2-4 boxes on each side.

    4.Does it has needles in 10ml/20ml/50ml?Which size of micro cannula should I use?
    Yes, it has needles. 18G or 21G needles are ok.

    5.Do you have the cannula for breast enlargements too ?
    Yes, for breast enlargement, usually customers choose 18G 50mm or 70mm.