How long can the hyaluronic acid filled nasolabial line last?

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How long can the hyaluronic acid filling nasolabial line last?

According to the data of the WHO, the damage and repair of any system in the human body cannot be separated from the repair of cell repair elements. Cells are the basic unit of life activities, all metabolic activities are based on cells, and all life activities are based on cells.

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How long can the filling nasolabial be maintained?

 Generally speaking, if you do the hyaluronic acid filling nasolabial folds, the effect can be maintained for the shortest 6 months, and the longest can only be maintained for 9 months. Because the hyaluronic acid component that plays a filling role in the injected body will gradually be metabolized by the body, but each person's physique is different, and the metabolism rate will also be different.

To maintain the wrinkle-removing effect of hyaluronic acid forever, theoretically, it is necessary to fill the nasolabial lines with hyaluronic acid repeatedly. Active response to give enough energy can make every cell look new. Any failure of cell metabolism will bury a series of hidden dangers for our body, such as sorting, structure, disorder, and disease. Therefore, the fate of cells is closely related to the fate of the human body.

Precautions after operation

1. There will be pain when hyaluronic acid fills the nasolabial fold, and the pain varies from person to person. After hyaluronic acid is used to remove nasolabial folds, the shape is fixed 24 hours after the injection of hyaluronic acid. During this period, avoid contact with the injection area.

2. After filling the lines with hyaluronic acid, you can use more ice and wet compresses to reduce swelling. All basic maintenance after surgery is normal, but try not to massage or massage within three days to avoid hyaluronic acid shift.

3. Do not do strenuous exercise for a short time after the operation, and temporarily prohibit drinking.

4. Follow up within one week after the operation, and add injections according to the situation. If you take aspirin, ginkgo, natto, high-unit vitamin E or similar drugs, it may increase the chance of bruising or bleeding, you must first inform the doctor.