Beauty Online Tread Show - Dermax Latest Activity

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Dermax Latest Activity

Beauty Online Tread Show

In order to expand the company's business scale as well as product sales channels, promote product sales growth, on August 10, 2020, Alibaba International Station Beauty Online Tread Show activity was successfully held at the headquarters of Dermax Company. The participants included all the company's business personnel and related functional personnel, products including Aqua Secret, PDO Thread, Whitening Injection and series of top medical and beauty products.


Early preparation of the event includes product video collection and editing and EDM publicity, the purpose is showing the company's background culture and product advantages to customers, so that customers can have a certain recognition of the company's strength and products, in this way, it has attracted a large number of customers' attention in the early stage and built a certain fan base for the later video broadcast. The event is mainly in the form of live streaming, in order to bring customers an excellent experience, our participants  prepared carefully for more than one month to plan activities, write documents and rehearse, so they can not wait to present a live feast for customers, finally, the company has prepared a series of different preferential policies for new and old customers, such as different discounts, gifts and so on, this kind of great preferential has never been before.

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Through this activity, the brand awareness of the company's products has been a great deal of publicity, the total sales volume of products has been improved, the sales scale and channels of products have been expanded, and the intimacy between the company and customers has been enhanced, so that customers can trust the company's products more. In addition, this activity has improved the overall operating level of the company, improved the business ability and comprehensive quality of the staff, and laid a solid foundation for the vigorous development of the company in the future.