2020 PK Competition of Dermax

Views: 25     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-28      Origin: Site

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 -------------The War in Autumn

 On August 17,2020, Dermax mid-year PK competition officially kicked off in an exciting ceremony. Since the event is full of opportunities and challenges from July 17 to September 30 ,the golden autumn month, the event was named The War in Autumn. The main purpose of the competition is to promote sales growth, stimulate the potential of teams and members, and export the company's products, brands and images to a further and broader platform.

2020 PK Competition of Dermax (1)

 From August 17 to September 30, the event will last more than month. During this period, team members need to cooperate and work together to ensure the continuous growth of team performance, the most progressive groups will enjoy the company's rich reward. This event was organized in a different way of group division than before. First of all, the team leader was elected by the staff who had never held any position before. In this way, the group leader will be more responsible and will cultivate the leadership ability of the employee. Secondly, employees have the right to decide which team they want to join, but they also need the consent of the team leader. This tests the trust between team members and the team leader to ensure that each team member is the most suitable candidate.

2020 PK Competition of Dermax (2)

In the launching ceremony, our company prepared a variety of interesting activities and rich awards to ignite the passion of employees, such as staff oath reading, award questions and answers, and so on, employees are participate actively, so the ceremony was held successfully! With the end of the ceremony, the staff can not wait to show their confidence and power to fight for their final goal, but who will be the final winner, wait and see!

2020 PK Competition of Dermax (3)

 The group PK competition is a very meaningful activity and the most valuable investment for the company. It not only improves the output benefit and value of the company, but also enhances the business ability of each employee and the cooperation between groups to benefit the employees. Therefore, the group PK competition is imperative.

2020 PK Competition of Dermax (4)