why pdo protein threads are popular?

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dermax magik pdo thread year end sale

The pdo protein thread, also known as the beauty thread, originally came from Korea. It is a special thread with  needle that is injected into the collagen layer of the corresponding skin fold or sagging area by using a spiral bolt (beauty thread) that can be absorbed and dissolved by the body, so as to eliminate wrinkles and improve the face. 

With age, the skin from the age of 30 will appear the following three major problems: 

1. Collagen loss: There is a large amount of collagen in facial skin tissue, which is the main reason for supporting your facial plumping in the younger age, as you age, the speed of collagen flow in the body accelerates, as if the "youth deposit" is "lifted" with the lengthening of the skin's metabolic cycle, resulting in the skin losing luster, elasticity, wrinkles are becoming more and more obvious.

2. Skin tissue fault: The tissue in the human facial skin is like the "steel bar" in the building, and collagen is like "cement", when the "steel bar" collapses due to aging, unable to fix and support collagen, the skin forms a vicious circle, the whole face will collapse and loosen in a large area! Forehead wrinkles aggravate, skin around the eyes sag, nasolabial folds become deeper, cheek skin is loose, chin fat and thick flesh, neck wrinkles accumulate, all kinds of signs tell you: the years are ruthless, the face is easy to age!   

3. Skin tissue tomography: The tissue in the human facial skin is like the "steel bar" in the building, and collagen is like "cement", when the "steel bar" collapses due to aging, unable to fix and support collagen, the skin forms a vicious circle, the whole face will collapse and loosen in a large area! Forehead wrinkles aggravate, sagging skin around the eyes, darkening of nasolabial folds, loose cheek skin, thick chin fat, neck wrinkles accumulate, all kinds of signs tell you: the years are ruthless, the face is easy to age! 

magik pdo thread

Magik PDO Thread offers the strongest threads on the market with its innovative patented technology where the barbs are compression molded and configured in a 360 degree spiral pattern. Magik PDO Thread Technology allows for immediate yet profound results while minimizing pain and trauma - allowing patients to benefit from a shorter recovery time and providing an alternative for those who may not be ready for surgery or a non-surgical one want option. Magik PDO threads are quickly becoming a popular minimally invasive alternative to surgical facelifts due to the emergence of the Cat Eye, V-Line and Snatched Jawline trends.

Clinical studies have shown that the true root of facial skin aging lies in the superficial muscular fascial system of the face (SMAS), which is located deep in the skin and is composed of muscles, fascia and fat, among others. In the past, SMAS wrinkle removal and anti-aging surgery was performed through endoscopic, minimally invasive, and small incisions, which had many shortcomings. 

Pdo thread lifting "goes straight to the point", and without opening the incision, only special needles and threads can tighten the loose skin, and support the three-dimensional nature of the wrinkled skin, which is a miracle for ageless appearance! Safety Protein thread lift uses a type of wire that can be absorbed and dissolved by the body, Ploydioxanone (Ploydioxanone), which is made of p-dioxone material and was originally used as suture for heart surgery. 

How many types of PDO threads exist how to choose (2)

Safety Protein thread lifting uses a form of ploydioxanone, which can be absorbed and dissolved by the body, which is made of poly-p-dioxanone material and was originally used as suture thread for heart surgery. This material has good physical and mechanical strength, chemical stability, biocompatibility and safety, and metabolites have bacteriostatic effect, through degradation, the thread will be absorbed by the body within 180 days after surgery, decomposed into carbon dioxide and water and discharged from the body. At present, the commonly used PDO absorbable protein thread occupies 70% of the Korean plastic surgery hospital, and all of them have obtained the highest safety level certification from the Food and Drug Administration. 

Effectiveness. When PDO absorbable protein threads are layered into the SMAS fascial layer of the skin, they are regularly intertwined, tightly wrapped by tissues, and each interweaving becomes a strong support point, and continuously stimulates and activates the repair function of the skin tissue itself in the process of being absorbed, so that collagen production continues to be produced, thereby improving the sagging of the skin. Protein thread lifting is suitable for men and women with signs of aging on the face, and its effect is far greater than that of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid. 

Before surgery, the doctor will design the position and direction of the thread according to the location and degree of sagging skin of the patient. The postoperative effect can generally be maintained for about two years, and if the sagging is relaxed again, it can still be repeated multiple times.

The appearance of progressiveness PDO absorbable pdo thread has made up for many shortcomings of traditional rhytidectomy, and has quickly become popular in the medical and aesthetic circles. Traditional rhytidectomy has always considered one thing and lost another. 

Some only focus on the effect, but the operation process is complicated; Some simplify the operation process, but the effect is unsatisfactory, the maintenance time is too short, and even side effects occur. 

The protein thread lifting technique has the advantages of less trauma, no bleeding, only local anesthesia, etc., and it is simple, safe, and effective. The surface does not leave marks, and the patient is not painful. The embedded thread will not cause damage or side effects to the skin tissue, and can be completely absorbed and degraded. 

pdo for leg

How to use PDO to create “fox eyes”(3)

Applicability PDO protein line can not only be used for lifting wrinkles, whitening and freckle removal, but also for weight loss and body sculpture. It includes facial skin relaxation, double chin, and neck wrinkles deepening to attract upper arm skin to tighten, lift sagging breasts, tighten waist and abdomen loose skin, lift sagging hips, tighten thigh loose skin, etc. Protein thread can solve the following problems: 

  1. The facial skin is loose and sagging, wrinkles appear on the forehead, and the tip of the eyebrows and outer corners of the eyes droop;

  2. The nasolabial groove is deepened, the corners of the mouth are pendulous, and both cheeks are loose and pendulous;

  3. The lower jaw is sagging, and the double chin is prominent;

  4. The neck is loose and the neck wrinkles are deepened;

  5. The skin of upper arms and thighs is loose and lacks elasticity;

  6. The skin of the abdomen and waist is loose and rough, with a small "belly"; Before the operation, it should be noted that the expected effect should be communicated with the doctor before the operation, and do not make up on the day of the operation.

For patients with drug allergy, swollen crab feet, pregnant women, those taking muscle relaxants, and patients with myasthenia gravis, such operations cannot be performed. 

After the operation, the place where the thread is inserted into the needle will be slightly more obvious than the similar injection needle hole, and attention should be paid to cleanliness; There will be slight distension and pain within 48 hours after the operation. It can be applied with ice. It is forbidden to massage at will. In addition, avoid drinking, eating spicy food, sauna, hot spring and other activities; Follow the doctor's other suggestions according to the treatment on that day