why botulinum toxin is used

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Botulinum toxin, also known as botulinum endotoxin, it is a bacterial endotoxin secreted by the deadly botulinum toxin, botulinum toxin was first used as a biochemical weapon, so the question is, why is the highly toxic botulinum toxin now used in plastic surgery? And is it also called safe, effective and convenient to be welcomed by the public?

Botulinum toxin is very widely used in medical beauty, in addition to eliminating wrinkles, solving muscle hypertrophy, but also to remove fox odor, inhibit the secretion of sweat glands, but also to remove proliferative scars

botulinum a toxin injection(1)

the reduction of toxicity after botulinum toxin dilution 

botulinum toxin purification can be used as a biochemical weapon, toxicity is not general, although botulinum toxin toxicity is strong, but in fact, we usually plastic beauty injection of botulinum toxin is actually diluted 400,000 times, and about 3,000 units of botulinum toxin can also be fatal to an adult, about 3,000 units of botulinum toxin almost need more than 30 sticks, we usually use a single injection of 1-3 bottles, so it is relatively safe.

Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection

strict control

Regular hospitals have strict control over the amount of botulinum toxin use, the general beauty safety dosage is controlled within 200u at a time, and the amount of human death is 2000-3000u at a time, so ordinary injections have no harm to the human body.