What should I pay attention to after the face-lifting injection

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Face-lifting injections, also known as face-lifting needles, have been used in European and American countries for more than 20 years.

The main ingredient of the face-lifting needle is botulinum toxin, also known as botulinum toxin.

Usually, the doctor will inject botulinum toxin into the masseter muscle of the beauty seeker at several points. After injection, the nerve impulse between the nerve and the muscle can be blocked, and the treatment effect can be achieved by paralyzing the hypertrophic masseter muscle.

Before the injection, the doctor will generally have some preparations: disinfection, anesthetics and marking the injection point, and the preparations for beauty seekers are as follows:

1. Stop taking aspirin or other anticoagulant drugs before injection.

2. Avoid the physiological period, pregnancy and breastfeeding period before injection, and inform the doctor if there is a history of drug allergy.

3. Keep the body clean and clean before injection, especially the face.

4. If you go to the hospital alone, it is best not to wear valuables to avoid property losses.

5. Be mentally prepared for face-lifting injections, and do not have unrealistic wishes and ideas.

After the face-lifting needle injection, there is no need to perform local massage and other special treatments. Generally, the normal chewing movement can make the liquid gradually spread in the muscle tissue. One week after the injection, the masticatory force decreased when chewing vigorously, the masseter muscle did not have obvious swelling and fatigue, and the injected part did not contract significantly when touched by hand. Generally about two weeks, masseter muscle atrophy and obvious changes in face shape can be observed, and the best results are obtained in 2-3 months.

Face-lifting injections have a good effect on facial hypertrophy caused by masseter hypertrophy, and have the advantages of less injection damage and faster postoperative recovery, but botulinum toxin injections may also have some side effects. like:

1. Pain in the injection area: a few have pain and do not need to be treated

2. Bleeding or hematoma: caused by puncture of blood vessels during injection, generally no treatment is required.

3. Stiff expression: the result of weakened muscle strength after injection, it will disappear naturally within 2-8 weeks.

4. Anaphylactic shock: It may occur in very few people. Once it occurs, seek medical treatment in time.


1. There may be slight redness and swelling at the injection site. After 6-8 hours, only a few will have bruises, but they will recover in a short time.

2. Within 3 hours after injection, chew gum to distribute botulinum toxin more evenly

3. Within 4 hours of injection, avoid tilting your head, lying down, and do not rub the injection site or massage with your hands, so as to avoid the phenomenon of asymmetric expression caused by the spread of the drug.

4. Within one week after the injection, fasting spicy food, seafood, quit smoking and alcohol. Reducing chewing of hard foods in your daily diet will help maintain the effect.

5. It is necessary to return to the doctor one month after the injection to evaluate the effect of the treatment site.