What is pdo thread neck lift?

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pdo thread jawline(2)

As we age, the support structure inside the skin changes. With sagging of soft tissues under the skin, SMAS (superficial muscle aponeurosis) and muscle relaxation, wrinkles begin to appear. During aging, the most affected ones usually include the middle of the face, the eye area, the cheeks, the mandibular margin, the neck, etc. Wrinkle removal and lifting for these areas is at the heart of facial rejuvenation and is a delicate and complex treatment process. Neck pdo thread principle Nine Four uses a rope to pull the cart, using a small rope to return the fat pad and loose tissue to the position. The reason why there is a difference between the skin state of a 30-year-old and a 20-year-old is because the fat, muscle, and skin at the age of 30 are no longer in the position, they were in when they were 20 years old. It relaxes, shifts, and keeps moving down as it gets older. Thus, the physical way of lifting a pdo thread neck can quickly and precisely say goodbye to the problem of slack.

pdo thread lift is actually an important force against gravity, "pulling" the sagging tissue by the line. Therefore, the improvement effect of the pdo thread lift is intuitively visible after it is done.

In addition to the physical lifting effect of the effect can be seen immediately, it can also promote blood circulation during metabolism, stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen, and increase skin elasticity.

Pdo face lift face lift

Apple muscle lift, two-way inward tightening, wrapping lift apple muscle. The middle of the cube.

The sac at the corner of the mouth tightens and tightens the cheeks.

Double side middle-lower lift, tighten both sides of the contour.

Mandibular margin lifting, tightening the contour of the mandibular line.

Double chin tightening, sculpting clear neck curves.

Advantages of pdo thread lift

1, non-traumatic, fast effect, adapt to a wide range of people.

2, safe, natural. Compared to prosthetic filling, the effect of protein thread is more realistic. Protein thread lifting effective use of dermal layer collagen at a temperature of sixty to seventy degrees Celsius will produce immediate contraction characteristics, so that Matsuike's skin after treatment effectively feel the upward lifting, tight lifting effect of long-term effect, collagen reconstruction and regeneration, in the two to six months after treatment, stimulated dermal layer collagen will gradually increase, thus prompting the dermis layer to restore firmness and elasticity, wrinkles from dark to shallow and gradually disappear.

3, short recovery time. The face lift incision is small and does not allow for large-scale peeling, which greatly shortens the postoperative bandaging time and recovery time.